Image Map Notes

Decemeber 27th 2013 - 3:24:28
The new image map site is set to launch. I am writing this while still under the development page. But we plan on going live very soon. Here are some new features that are being added.

  • Saving image maps.
  • Hosting image maps images and code. You can make edits and save them right on image maps and never have to change to code on your site.
  • Zooming in to get the exact coords. This is a nice feature for doing maps that require precise accuracy.
  • Custom maps or POLY now have overlays to visual see them when mapping.
I will always be fixing something or adding some new features to this image mapping tool. This is where I will post my updates.

June 11th 2009 - 10:37:22
  • When creating a rectangle shape, the size of the shape is now being saved for your next rectangle shape.
May 11th 2009 - 02:43:28
  • Added the ability to import / re-map your own code from a previous map. Jester ask for this feature on May 9, thanks Jester for the comment. It works with the code outputed by this tool. I have tested another image map I found searching the web and had to modifiy it a little.
Things that cause it not to work
  • my code searches for <area shape... to .../> so if the map does not have the slash(/) at the end it will fail. A quick find and replace should fix that.
  • javascript is case sensitive so if any of these have CAPS in them they need to be set to lower case. area shape, coords, href, alt, title.
  • BAD: <AREA shape="rect" Coords="52,32,226,196" href="" Alt="square" title="square" > (No />)
  • GOOD: <area shape="rect" coords="52,32,226,196" href="" alt="square" title="square" />
March 22nd 2009 - 12:49:28
  • CSS Code is now outputed as another option for image mapping with rectangle shapes only.
  • Custom shapes are ignored when the CSS code is generated. You get both types of code - HTML MAP and CSS (second/below).
  • I made this because a user on myspace could not post the code outputed from Because the pound sign (#) was removed / deleted by myspace.
  • I have seen people wanting to use CSS image maps for some time on the web. I believe this is the first tool to make CSS image maps (I am not sure about this).
December 9th 2008 - 07:55:44
  • I had a user contact me asking how to use an image map on their friendster profile. So I tried to upload a map myself and found out friendster is ripping the map and area tags out of the update. Here is my email to friendster:

    Date Created: 01/31/2009 03:11 AM

    SECOND TRY ASKING (I had to email them twice to get a reply)
    I wrote an question earlier this week to see how to upload an image map (HTML) to a friendster profile. I have not heard anything back yet. I need to know how this can be done. I am the owner of the site and have people using my site to make image maps but your site removes the mapping code. People are asking how to do this. Please fix this or tell me how to do this.

    And here is the response.

    Last Updated: 02/01/2009 09:38 PM and a status of closed
    Hello ,
    Thank you for contacting Friendster Customer Support.
    Friendster engineering is aware of the problem. We are currently working on resolution. The problem should be fixed soon. However, we don't have an exact time frame. We sincerely apologize for the dilemma.
    We hope this information helps and if there is anything else we can assist you with, please let us know.
    Customer Support

    I will let everyone know when I find out that the image maps are working again on friendster. I tried it again this morning and image maps do not work as of yet.
December 9th 2008 - 07:55:44
  • Fixed a bug with the comments. If a user posted a comment from 12/04/2008 to 12/09/2008 the comment is lost:( Sorry.
November 4th 2008 - 01:01:34
  • Fixed a bug while deleting a mapped spot, the array would lose track of its position.
  • Added a new feature to allow the users to add text links (site map of the image map) under the image map. The user will be able to turn this feature off if they choose. The code is also clearly marked with comment code so the user can move the code to another location on the site. It is reccommended that an image map has all links in text on that page too. Google will see an image map link but does not list it as a link to your site or a follow link.
October 9th 2008 - 21:39:48
  • Thanks for Darren's great comment on 2008/10/09 - 16:45:02, these additions/fixes were made today.
  • I made the previous custom image maps hidden by default when creating a new custom image map.
  • I also fixed the custom image maps to hide when you are editing a custom image map. Except the custom image map you are editing, it will still show.
  • You can also make the custom image maps visible again while editing or creating a new custom image map, with the newly added checkbox in the custom image map area.
October 5th 2008 - 20:20:44
  • Added the ability to edit custom shapes once they are saved. You can click on any of the plotted points for that image map to begin editing.
  • All features should be working on editing maps. Links, Titles, Javascript Rollovers, Plotting Points (on custom maps).
  • If you finish your image map and get the code, then find an error you can go back to the editing screen. It will ask you if you would like to load your current image map again. If you click ok, the maps will automaticly load from you last image map session. If you click cancel the image map will not load and you can start over on your mapping. If you wish to load the image map after clicking cancel you can refresh the page and it will ask you again.
September 30th 2008 - 07:50:13
  • Fixed a time out problem. If a user tried to upload an image from their PC more than one time it would time out.
  • Fixed a problem with using URL images like google maps this one for example puts a question mark (?) in the url which would not upload the image correctly.
September 29th 2008 - 17:08:10
  • New front page for Nothing fancy but it is a little cleaner.
  • I have successfully mapped out the United States with this tool and you can check it out here: United States Mapped Out!. Here is what the maps look like right before I pressed the get the code button. What a mapped out image looks like.
September 28th 2008 - 23:53:00
  • Added support for scrolling on custom maps. You can now map images that have a larger width and height than your screen resolution!
  • Changed the mouse cursor to crosshair for eaiser plotting of custom points.
  • When scrolled the rectangle maps will appear where user has scrolled. Instead of in position 10px Top and 10px Left.
  • Fine tuned Microsoft Internet Explorer's (IE) pixels, they were off by 2px by 2px on custom maps (poly). All other tested browsers seemed to be ok.
September 19th 2008 - 01:08:00
  • The Image Map Tool has had a complete make over! I feel it is a lot easier to use and cleaner. Give it a try!
  • I was able to successfully map images on the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox and 3.0.3, Opera 9.52, Safari 3.1.2 and Google Chrome My Operating System is Windows XP Pro.
  • Opera has two bugs. The rectangle map box is not transparent(Safari and Chrome too) and the rectangle link and title boxes widths are off. You can still map images with these browsers.
August 12th 2008 - 21:13:14
  • The Image Mapping Tool was born! I will always be fixing something or adding some new features. But so far the image mapper seems to be working great! Testing with IE7 and Firefox 3.