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With paid service you get many advanced features for a small cost. Need your image hosted? Need to make frequent changes to your image maps? Want to manage your maps? Need help with an image map? Then Joining Image Maps will help you out.

These great features include:
  • Hosted Image Maps - We host your image for you. So no more disappearing images when we clean the server.
  • Hosted Code - We host your code here. You can then edit you map and image, save the changes. Then refresh your page. All without changing your code on your site.
  • Multiple Maps - You can save many image maps.
  • Import An Image Map - Grab an already made image map and edit it without starting over.
  • Zoom Feature - Giving you the ability to zoom in on a clickable area for more precise plotting.
  • Friendly Service - Ask any questions about image mapping or really any web programming... I maybe able to help!
  • Access to the Original image mapping tool

Feel free to contact me for additional help. Or if you are in need of a larger project.

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