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A Mahmood

1450 Taylor Ave
Apt 24
New York
(718) 239-5235

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About A

A has lived in this area for less than a year and has no children living in their household. A's ethnicity is Indian. A either owns or rents the property in 1450 Taylor Ave, a dwelling unit. It is estimated that A earns $15-24K per year. A has an estimated net worth of under $25K.


Address Continue 1450 Taylor Ave
Apt 24
Bronx, NY 10460


Phone (718) 239-5235
Social Media

Financial Situation

Estimated Income 15-24K
Estimated Wealth under 25K


Homeowner Type Probable Renter
Median Home Value $150-199K

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does A live?

A lives at 1450 Taylor Ave in Bronx, NY 10460.

What is A's phone number?

A Mahmood's phone number is (718) 239-5235.

Does A own or rent their home?

A is a Probable Renter.

What is the median home value in this area?

Median home value is $150-199K.

How many years of school has A Mahmood completed?

People in A Mahmood's area have completed less than 12 years years in school as a median.

What is A's ethnicity?

A is Indian.

How much money does A earn?

A Mahmood's estimated income is $15-24K per year.

How much money does A have?

A Mahmood's estimated wealth is under $25K.

How long has A lived in this area?

A Mahmood has lived in this area for Years.

Does A have children?

No, A has no children living in their household.

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Fatima Paulk, Bronx, NY 10451
Lillie Paulk, Bronx, NY 10466
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Cindy Paull, Bronx, NY 10460
Lynda B. Paull, Bronx, NY 10463
Lobban Paulline, Bronx, NY 10472
Gladys Paulling, Bronx, NY 10462
Heavenly Paulling, Bronx, NY 10459
Jenay M. Paulling, Bronx, NY 10459
Jerome Paulling, Bronx, NY 10468
Joyce K. Paulling, Bronx, NY 10458
Gerhard D. Paulmann, Bronx, NY 10463
Roswitha E. Paulmann, Bronx, NY 10463
Sarah Paulmeno, Bronx, NY 10469
Ponce Paulo, Bronx, NY 10469
Sheryl Paulo, Bronx, NY 10467
Zarzuela Paulo, Bronx, NY 10456
Gary E. Pauls, Bronx, NY 10470
Pamela M. Pauls, Bronx, NY 10456
Reatha Pauls, Bronx, NY 10456
Stanley Pauls, Bronx, NY 10456
Chris D. Paulse, Bronx, NY 10461
Diana Paulsen, Bronx, NY 10468
Max H. Paulsen, Bronx, NY 10464
Sherida E. Paulsen, Bronx, NY 10471
Stephanie A. Paulsen, Bronx, NY 10464
William R. Paulsen, Bronx, NY 10467
Bob Paulson, Bronx, NY 10465
Tevin Paulson, Bronx, NY 10453
Bernice D. Paulter, Bronx, NY 10458
Bernice D. Paulter, Bronx, NY 10458
Valerie A. Paulucci, Bronx, NY 10461
Brown Paulus, Bronx, NY 10472
Bruce W. Paulus, Bronx, NY 10469
Cecile M. Paulus, Bronx, NY 10453
Rosa L. Paulus, Bronx, NY 10452
Joyce Paulwell, Bronx, NY 10466
Marcela Paun, Bronx, NY 10463
Raymond Pauneto, Bronx, NY 10475
Alexis Paupaw, Bronx, NY 10473
Jacqueline Paupaw, Bronx, NY 10462
L Paupaw, Bronx, NY 10460
Antoinet Paura, Bronx, NY 10461
Linda F. Pavano, Bronx, NY 10467
Maria Pavares, Bronx, NY 10466
Katalin Pavel, Bronx, NY 10458
Tomko Pavel, Bronx, NY 10453
Daniel Pavelchak, Bronx, NY 10461
Adeline Pavelka, Bronx, NY 10475
Steve Pavelka, Bronx, NY 10458
Edmund E. Pavell, Bronx, NY 10453
Jesus Pavellon, Bronx, NY 10460
Irving Paverman, Bronx, NY 10475
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Michail Pavlenko, Bronx, NY 10475
Richard J. Pavlica, Bronx, NY 10465
Kathleen A. Pavlick, Bronx, NY 10471
Toula Pavlides, Bronx, NY 10471
Denise A. Pavlik, Bronx, NY 10465
Diane Pavlik, Bronx, NY 10465
Stephen J. Pavlik, Bronx, NY 10465
Flor Pavlino, Bronx, NY 10457
Luisa Pavlino, Bronx, NY 10457
Yulia Pavlotskaya, Bronx, NY 10462
Louie Pavlounis, Bronx, NY 10461
Panagiotis Pavlounis, Bronx, NY 10461
Peter Pavlounis, Bronx, NY 10461
Luisa M. Pavlov, Bronx, NY 10473
Olga M. Pavlov, Bronx, NY 10462
Pavel D. Pavlov, Bronx, NY 10467
Roumiana B. Pavlov, Bronx, NY 10467
Sergey Pavlov, Bronx, NY 10468
Svetlana Pavlova, Bronx, NY 10461
Tatiana Pavlova, Bronx, NY 10471
Sophie Pavlowa, Bronx, NY 10467
John Pavlus, Bronx, NY 10469
Alice Pavon, Bronx, NY 10475
Betzaida Pavon, Bronx, NY 10455
Blanca Pavon, Bronx, NY 10472
Emanuel Pavon, Bronx, NY 10467
German Pavon, Bronx, NY 10465
German L. Pavon, Bronx, NY 10461
Hector Pavon, Bronx, NY 10452
Immaculada Pavon, Bronx, NY 10457
Irene Pavon, Bronx, NY 10456
Kaydiann Pavon, Bronx, NY 10466
Madeline Pavon, Bronx, NY 10456
Maritza Pavon, Bronx, NY 10457
Melida Pavon, Bronx, NY 10467
Nuri Pavon, Bronx, NY 10458
Soledad Pavon, Bronx, NY 10454
Xiomara Pavon, Bronx, NY 10451
Leonard R. Pavone, Bronx, NY 10461
Leslie Pavonetti, Bronx, NY 10461
Maria Pavora, Bronx, NY 10452
Gisel Pavua, Bronx, NY 10452
Eugene Paw, Bronx, NY 10457
Eugene Paw, Bronx, NY 10457
James A. Paw, Bronx, NY 10461
Lani C. Paw, Bronx, NY 10461
Teresa Paw, Bronx, NY 10463
Robert J. Pawlewicz, Bronx, NY 10463
Devon Pawley, Bronx, NY 10457
Robert Pawley, Bronx, NY 10457
Janet Pawlik, Bronx, NY 10462
Veronica Pawliszyn, Bronx, NY 10463
Margarita Pawlo, Bronx, NY 10457
Margarita Pawlo, Bronx, NY 10456
Alfred A. Pawlowski, Bronx, NY 10470
Catherine E. Pawlowski, Bronx, NY 10470
Teddy L. Pawlowski, Bronx, NY 10473
Salma Pawna, Bronx, NY 10462
Syed Pawna, Bronx, NY 10462
Brown Pawsey, Bronx, NY 10466

Same County

Burt Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
C T. Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
Carl Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Carl Baker, Bronx, NY 10457
Carolyn Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
Carrie Baker, Bronx, NY 10456
Charlotte Baker, Bronx, NY 10468
Cherry Baker, Bronx, NY 10461
Cheryl O. Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Cheryl I. Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Cheryl Baker, Bronx, NY 10475
Chris Baker, Bronx, NY 10465
Christine Baker, Bronx, NY 10460
Chyna Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Claire J. Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Clara Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Clarence Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
Colleen Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
Colleen Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
Cory M. Baker, Bronx, NY 10471
Couri Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Couri Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Cynthia E. Baker, Bronx, NY 10458
Cynthia Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Cystal Baker, Bronx, NY 10455
D Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Dan Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Dana Baker, Bronx, NY 10459
Daquan Baker, Bronx, NY 10460
Datricia M. Baker, Bronx, NY 10454
David A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
David Baker, Bronx, NY 10455
David A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10470
David Baker, Bronx, NY 10461
David Baker, Bronx, NY 10456
David M. Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Delbert Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Delores Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Delores Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Delores Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Deloris Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Denise Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Denise Baker, Bronx, NY 10460
Denise A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Dennis M. Baker, Bronx, NY 10458
Dennis Baker, Bronx, NY 10456
Dereck Baker, Bronx, NY 10468
Desiree Baker, Bronx, NY 10465
Desiree A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10465
Diane Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Dianne Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Dlove E. Baker, Bronx, NY 10459
Dolores M. Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Donald Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Donna Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Doreen P. Baker, Bronx, NY 10460
Dorith M. Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Dorothy T. Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
Dorothy Baker, Bronx, NY 10457
Dorothy E. Baker, Bronx, NY 10463
E L. Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Edwin A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10462
Eli Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
Elizabeth E. Baker, Bronx, NY 10458
Elizabeth T. Baker, Bronx, NY 10461
Elizabeth G. Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Ella Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Elliott J. Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Elroy Baker, Bronx, NY 10451
Emily Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Emmanuel B. Baker, Bronx, NY 10460
Emogene Baker, Bronx, NY 10457
Engrace Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Eric Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
Ernest Baker, Bronx, NY 10455
Eugene Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
Eugene Baker, Bronx, NY 10452
Evelyn Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Evyonne Baker, Bronx, NY 10464
F Baker, Bronx, NY 10461
Floyd Baker, Bronx, NY 10456
Floyd Baker, Bronx, NY 10458
Francine D. Baker, Bronx, NY 10457
Frank Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
Frank A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Fredrick Baker, Bronx, NY 10463
G Baker, Bronx, NY 10475
Gail Baker, Bronx, NY 10456
Gavin C. Baker, Bronx, NY 10456
Gayle A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10458
George E. Baker, Bronx, NY 10462
Georgia R. Baker, Bronx, NY 10468
Germaine A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10475
Germaine G. Baker, Bronx, NY 10460
Gershon B. Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
Glenda F. Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Gloria P. Baker, Bronx, NY 10452
Gwendolyn Baker, Bronx, NY 10475
Harry L. Baker, Bronx, NY 10473
Hayvonah L. Baker, Bronx, NY 10468
Headly Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Helen B. Baker, Bronx, NY 10452
Henrietta Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
Hillary F. Baker, Bronx, NY 10463
Hortense Baker, Bronx, NY 10468
Hubert W. Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
I Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
Iesha N. Baker, Bronx, NY 10462
Ingrid R. Baker, Bronx, NY 10475
Irving A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10468
Ishmael Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Issa Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Ivonne M. Baker, Bronx, NY 10475
Ivory Baker, Bronx, NY 10460
Jabbar K. Baker, Bronx, NY 10454
Jada T. Baker, Bronx, NY 10460
James M. Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
James W. Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Janette S. Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Janice V. Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
Janine Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
Jean Baker, Bronx, NY 10456
Jeff Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
Jeffeth O. Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Jeffeth Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Jeffrey Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
Jennifer Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Jerard B. Baker, Bronx, NY 10452
Jessica Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Jimmie Baker, Bronx, NY 10452
Joann Baker, Bronx, NY 10454
Joanne Baker, Bronx, NY 10460
Jodyann Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
John J. Baker, Bronx, NY 10467
John C. Baker, Bronx, NY 10462
Jonathan Baker, Bronx, NY 10456
Jonny J. Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Jonte Baker, Bronx, NY 10468
Julie R. Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Juliet Baker, Bronx, NY 10468
June R. Baker, Bronx, NY 10475
June R. Baker, Bronx, NY 10451
K Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Kadian S. Baker, Bronx, NY 10469
Karem Baker, Bronx, NY 10475
Karen Baker, Bronx, NY 10466
Karen A. Baker, Bronx, NY 10475
Karla Baker, Bronx, NY 10457
Kathy Y. Baker, Bronx, NY 10453
Kehinde Baker, Bronx, NY 10460

Demographics in ZIP 10460

52.2% are female
47.8% are male

47.8% of residents in ZIP 10460 are male and 52.2% are female. 26.9% of residents are married and 15.3% are divorced. 53.8% have never been married. 4% are widowed. The average size of resident families is 3.39.

Races in ZIP 10460

66.6% report being Hispanic

15.9% of residents in ZIP 10460 report their race as White. 34.2% report their race as Black or African American. 1.4% report their race as Asian. 0.6% report their race as American Indian and Alaska Native. 0.2% report their race as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. 33.9% report their race as Some other race. 13.8% report their race as Two or more races. 66.6% report being Hispanic. Note: Hispanic is considered to be an ethnicity and not a race.

Education in ZIP 10460

42.7% have a Science and Engineering degree

31.2% of residents in ZIP 10460 have less than a high school education. 29.4% have a high school diploma but no more. 25.4% of residents have some college but no more. 10.7% have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) but no more. 3.1% have a graduate degree. 42.7% have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a Science and Engineering (or related) field.

Household Income in ZIP 10460

Median household income: 31504
38.6% have two income earners
13% of households earn $100,000+

Median household income in ZIP 10460 is $31504 with 38.6% of families having two income earners. 13% of households earn at least $100,000. 6.6% of households have an income under $5,000, 8.2% from $5,000-$10,000, 12.3% from $10,000-$15,000, 7.8% from $15,000-$20,000, 8.2% from $20,000-$25,000, 10% from $25,000-$35,000, 12.3% from $35,000-$50,000, 12.3% from $50,000-$75,000, 9.3% from $75,000-$100,000, 8.5% from $100,000-$150,000 and 4.5% over $150,000. The median income of individuals is $20868.

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