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Mike Wainwright

5703 Edith Rd
North Carolina
(252) 746-3093

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About Mike

He is married and has lived in this area for 20+ Years and has no children living in their household. Mike's ethnicity is English. He either owns or rents the property in 5703 Edith Rd, a single family home. It is estimated that Mike earns $50-74K per year. He has an estimated net worth of $50-74K.


Address Continue 5703 Edith Rd
Ayden, NC 28513


Phone (252) 746-3093
Social Media

Financial Situation

Estimated Income 50-74K
Estimated Wealth 50-74K


Dwelling Type SFDU
Homeowner Type Homeowner
Median Home Value $75-99K
Property Residential

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Mike live?

Mike lives at 5703 Edith Rd in Ayden, NC 28513.

What is Mike's phone number?

Mike Wainwright's phone number is (252) 746-3093.

What kind of home does Mike Wainwright live in?

He lives in a a single family home.

Does Mike own or rent their home?

Mike is a Homeowner.

What is the median home value in this area?

Median home value is $75-99K.

In what type of property is MR Wainwright living?

He lives in a Residential property.

How many years of school has Mike Wainwright completed?

People in Mike Wainwright's area have completed 12 years years in school as a median.

What is Mike's ethnicity?

He is English.

What is Mike's gender?

Mike is Male.

What is Mike's marital status?

He is Married.

How much money does he earn?

Mike Wainwright's estimated income is $50-74K per year.

How much money does he have?

Mike Wainwright's estimated wealth is $50-74K.

How long has he lived in this area?

Mike Wainwright has lived in this area for 20+ Years.

Does he have children?

No, he has no children living in their household.

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Barbara J. Larsen, Ayden, NC 28513
Jeremy F. Larsen, Ayden, NC 28513
John C. Larsen, Ayden, NC 28513
Eric L. Larson, Ayden, NC 28513
Penny Larson, Ayden, NC 28513
Lona M. Lasal, Ayden, NC 28513
Darron D. Lassiter, Ayden, NC 28513
Lindsay A. Lassiter, Ayden, NC 28513
Mary G. Lassiter, Ayden, NC 28513
Nicki Lassiter, Ayden, NC 28513
Randi Lassiter, Ayden, NC 28513
Roy A. Lassiter, Ayden, NC 28513
Tanya R. Lassiter, Ayden, NC 28513
Malone Latanya, Ayden, NC 28513
Heber Latham, Ayden, NC 28513
Billie Laur, Ayden, NC 28513
Laura Laura, Ayden, NC 28513
S Laurie, Ayden, NC 28513
Olrogge Laverne, Ayden, NC 28513
Robert Lawerence, Ayden, NC 28513
Salena D. Lawler, Ayden, NC 28513
Huey L. Lawrence, Ayden, NC 28513
Robert Lawrence, Ayden, NC 28513
Willa T. Lawrence, Ayden, NC 28513
Ama A. Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Clara D. Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Crystallynn Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Jasmine Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Jr Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Kay J. Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Lavon Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Nancy B. Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Nichole Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Nyeffie Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Randall G. Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Richard D. Lee, Ayden, NC 28513
Penny Leefe, Ayden, NC 28513
Amy Leggett, Ayden, NC 28513
Barbara R. Leggett, Ayden, NC 28513
Deoffies Leggett, Ayden, NC 28513
James E. Leggett, Ayden, NC 28513
Gerladine Leggette, Ayden, NC 28513
Tiffany J. Lehew, Ayden, NC 28513
Harp Lena, Ayden, NC 28513
Amos E. Lender, Ayden, NC 28513
Glenn W. Lenz, Ayden, NC 28513
Venters Leo, Ayden, NC 28513
Jackie Leonard, Ayden, NC 28513
Swanson Leonard, Ayden, NC 28513
Troiano Leonard, Ayden, NC 28513
Harry J. Lerose, Ayden, NC 28513
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Hart Leroy, Ayden, NC 28513
Nobles Leroy, Ayden, NC 28513
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Kenneth V. Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Lorraine H. Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Norma Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Norma F. Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Olivia A. Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Regina H. Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Rex Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Shakeem Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Shameekia Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Travis E. Lewis, Ayden, NC 28513
Margaret M. Libby, Ayden, NC 28513
Anthony L. Licari, Ayden, NC 28513
M Liggett, Ayden, NC 28513
Bertie S. Lilly, Ayden, NC 28513
Carrie H. Lilly, Ayden, NC 28513
Guy L. Lilly, Ayden, NC 28513
Carmon Linda, Ayden, NC 28513
Hogan Linda, Ayden, NC 28513
Ison Lindsey, Ayden, NC 28513
Amy P. Lineberry, Ayden, NC 28513
Rouse Linsey, Ayden, NC 28513
Hardee Lisa, Ayden, NC 28513
Virgil A. Lisboa, Ayden, NC 28513
Addie M. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Angelina Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Bruce Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Connie M. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Delicia R. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Eddie A. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Greg Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Jemie Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Jennie S. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Kimberly R. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Kimberly Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Linda W. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Lorraine Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Mae Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Marjorie M. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Martin L. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Mathra Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Mattie B. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Nancy R. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Nellie M. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Terri Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Teshawn Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Vickie A. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
William M. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
William Little, Ayden, NC 28513
William O. Little, Ayden, NC 28513
Brenda L. Litton, Ayden, NC 28513
Brenda Litton, Ayden, NC 28513
Amber Lloyd, Ayden, NC 28513
Bobby Lloyd, Ayden, NC 28513
Donnie E. Lloyd, Ayden, NC 28513
Evelyn Lloyd, Ayden, NC 28513
Tina Lloyd, Ayden, NC 28513
Fname Lname, Ayden, NC 28513
Cheryl K. Loar, Ayden, NC 28513
John Locklear, Ayden, NC 28513
Lola M. Locklear, Ayden, NC 28513
Maria Locklear, Ayden, NC 28513
Clifton G. Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Donna Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Gerti H. Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Glenn Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
James H. Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Jason Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Luciana H. Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
M Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Mary B. Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Melvin R. Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Susan D. Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Troy D. Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513
Walter R. Loftin, Ayden, NC 28513

Same County

Tuan Tran, Greenville, NC 27834
Tuan Tran, Winterville, NC 28590
Tomeka Transou, Greenville, NC 27834
Victor R. Trantham-jr, Greenville, NC 27858
Susan D. Tranum, Winterville, NC 28590
Victoria L. Trapanotto, Greenville, NC 27834
Jane M. Trapp, Greenville, NC 27858
Laurence J. Trapp, Greenville, NC 27858
Barbara I. Trask, Greenville, NC 27858
Chris Trast, Greenville, NC 27858
Chris Trast, Winterville, NC 28590
Christopher M. Traud, Greenville, NC 27858
Martin Traud, Greenville, NC 27858
Tasha Traud, Greenville, NC 27858
Anderson Travia, Greenville, NC 27858
Simone M. Travia, Greenville, NC 27858
Chabo Travis, Grimesland, NC 27837
Gail Travis, Greenville, NC 27858
Gail B. Travis, Greenville, NC 27858
Joann M. Travis, Winterville, NC 28590
Keith R. Travis, Greenville, NC 27858
Kevin D. Travis, Greenville, NC 27858
R Travis, Ayden, NC 28513
Ruth J. Travis, Winterville, NC 28590
Vennis W. Travis, Ayden, NC 28513
Edward J. Traynor, Greenville, NC 27834
Karen J. Traynor, Greenville, NC 27834
Sandy R. Traynor, Greenville, NC 27834
Sandy R. Traynor, Greenville, NC 27858
Mary H. Treadaway, Winterville, NC 28590
Cheryl H. Treadwell, Greenville, NC 27858
Darron Treadwell, Greenville, NC 27858
Charles G. Treble, Grifton, NC 28530
Galen Treble, Grifton, NC 28530
Kathy H. Treble, Grifton, NC 28530
Maria Trejo, Greenville, NC 27858
Pablo Trejo, Greenville, NC 27834
Tanisha Trejo, Grimesland, NC 27837
Teresa Trejo, Grifton, NC 28530
Alexa Tremalgia, Greenville, NC 27858
Marcus Tremblay, Winterville, NC 28590
Marcus Tremblay, Greenville, NC 27834
T M. Tremblay, Winterville, NC 28590
Alison Trenga, Greenville, NC 27858
Jennifer Trent, Greenville, NC 27858
Jennifer Trent, Greenville, NC 27858
John Trent, Greenville, NC 27858
Loretta L. Trent, Greenville, NC 27834
Mewborn Trent, Grifton, NC 28530
Nicole Trent, Greenville, NC 27834
Twilia Trent, Greenville, NC 27834
Angela P. Trentham, Greenville, NC 27858
Kevin R. Trentham, Greenville, NC 27858
Blount Trenton, Greenville, NC 27858
Eleanor M. Treole, Greenville, NC 27858
Kathleen Treole, Greenville, NC 27834
Lewis Treole, Greenville, NC 27858
Katrina Tresohalvy, Greenville, NC 27834
G E. Trevathan, Greenville, NC 27834
Henry T. Trevathan, Farmville, NC 27828
Henry Trevathan, Farmville, NC 27828
Marcia C. Trevathan, Greenville, NC 27858
Thomas F. Trevathan, Greenville, NC 27858
Tetterton Trevelyan, Greenville, NC 27834
Charles Trevena, Grifton, NC 28530
T Trevette, Greenville, NC 27834
Thomas M. Trevette, Greenville, NC 27834
Tammy H. Trevino, Grimesland, NC 27837
Thomas Trevino, Grimesland, NC 27837
Newton Trevoris, Greenville, NC 27834
Teri S. Trexler, Greenville, NC 27858
Leslie Trey Hayes, Winterville, NC 28590
Nicholas Trey Hayes, Winterville, NC 28590
Dana M. Trgovic, Winterville, NC 28590
Peter P. Trgovic, Winterville, NC 28590
Jones Tricia, Greenville, NC 27834
Sandra L. Triebenbacher, Winterville, NC 28590
Theresa Triebenbacher, Winterville, NC 28590
John E. Trifilo, Winterville, NC 28590
Ella G. Trimble, Greenville, NC 27858
James Trimble, Greenville, NC 27834
Johnny R. Trimble, Greenville, NC 27858
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Tarneesha Trimble, Greenville, NC 27834
Tarneesha Trimble, Greenville, NC 27834
Norma Triminio, Greenville, NC 27858
Norma Triminio, Ayden, NC 28513
Ben Trimpi, Greenville, NC 27834
Mary Trimpi, Greenville, NC 27834
Fields Trina, Winterville, NC 28590
Elsie M. Triplett, Grifton, NC 28530
Jennifer Triplett, Ayden, NC 28513
Jennifer Triplett, Winterville, NC 28590
Alan Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Alan T. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Alice A. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Alice E. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Alice Tripp, Winterville, NC 28590
Alice Tripp, Grifton, NC 28530
Allen Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Amy Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Amy F. Tripp, Grimesland, NC 27837
Angela A. Tripp, Bethel, NC 27812
Archie Tripp, Winterville, NC 28590
Ashley Tripp, Winterville, NC 28590
Barbara C. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Bernice Tripp, Robersonville, NC 27871
Betty E. Tripp, Grifton, NC 28530
Billy J. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Billy Tripp, Grimesland, NC 27837
Bobbie L. Tripp, Farmville, NC 27828
Bobby N. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Bobby Tripp, Farmville, NC 27828
Bobby J. Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Bobby G. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Brad Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Brenda D. Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Brian A. Tripp, Robersonville, NC 27871
Brian Tripp, Winterville, NC 28590
Brownie Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Brownie T. Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Brownie Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Bruce R. Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Bruce R. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Bruce Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Bruce R. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Buddy J. Tripp, Winterville, NC 28590
Burt B. Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
C Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
C Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Camilla Tripp, Grifton, NC 28530
Carlton O. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Casandra Tripp, Farmville, NC 27828
Casey Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Casey R. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Catherine F. Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Cathy Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Chadwick A. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Charles E. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Charlie Tripp, Ayden, NC 28513
Charlotte F. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Chris Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Christopher Tripp, Stokes, NC 27884
Christy Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
D S. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27858
Dallas L. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834
Dallas S. Tripp, Winterville, NC 28590
Dallas S. Tripp, Greenville, NC 27834

Demographics in ZIP 28513

49.7% are female
50.3% are male

50.3% of residents in ZIP 28513 are male and 49.7% are female. 53.1% of residents are married and 14.1% are divorced. 26.2% have never been married. 6.6% are widowed. The average size of resident families is 2.99.

Races in ZIP 28513

13% report being Hispanic

58.3% of residents in ZIP 28513 report their race as White. 28.5% report their race as Black or African American. 0.9% report their race as Asian. 0.8% report their race as American Indian and Alaska Native. 0% report their race as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. 8.5% report their race as Some other race. 3.1% report their race as Two or more races. 13% report being Hispanic. Note: Hispanic is considered to be an ethnicity and not a race.

Education in ZIP 28513

36.4% have a Science and Engineering degree

14% of residents in ZIP 28513 have less than a high school education. 30.4% have a high school diploma but no more. 33.7% of residents have some college but no more. 14.3% have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) but no more. 7.7% have a graduate degree. 36.4% have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a Science and Engineering (or related) field.

Household Income in ZIP 28513

Median household income: 52813
47.2% have two income earners
14.2% of households earn $100,000+

Median household income in ZIP 28513 is $52813 with 47.2% of families having two income earners. 14.2% of households earn at least $100,000. 5.5% of households have an income under $5,000, 3.7% from $5,000-$10,000, 5.5% from $10,000-$15,000, 5.7% from $15,000-$20,000, 6.3% from $20,000-$25,000, 10.4% from $25,000-$35,000, 11.2% from $35,000-$50,000, 18.7% from $50,000-$75,000, 18.8% from $75,000-$100,000, 11% from $100,000-$150,000 and 3.2% over $150,000. The median income of individuals is $30105.

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