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Aletha Helm

3783 Landgraf Cv
(404) 243-7475

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About Aletha

Aletha is 66 years old and has lived in this area for less than a year and has no children living in their household. Aletha either owns or rents the property in 3783 Landgraf Cv, a single family home.


Address Continue 3783 Landgraf Cv
Decatur, GA 30034


Phone (404) 243-7475
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Financial Situation


Dwelling Type SFDU
Homeowner Type Homeowner
Median Home Value $100-149K

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Aletha live?

Aletha lives at 3783 Landgraf Cv in Decatur, GA 30034.

What is Aletha's phone number?

Aletha Helm's phone number is (404) 243-7475.

What kind of home does Aletha Helm live in?

Aletha lives in a a single family home.

Does Aletha own or rent their home?

Aletha is a Homeowner.

What is the median home value in this area?

Median home value is $100-149K.

How old is Aletha Helm?

Aletha is 66 years old. Aletha is born on April 18, 1957.

How long has Aletha lived in this area?

Aletha Helm has lived in this area for Years.

Does Aletha have children?

No, Aletha has no children living in their household.

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Clinton Sabom, Decatur, GA 30030
Steve Sabom, Decatur, GA 30033
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Hanunah L. Saboor, Decatur, GA 30035
Zakiyyah Saboor, Decatur, GA 30035
Karim Sabra, Decatur, GA 30032
Ehab Sabree, Decatur, GA 30032
Ehab I. Sabree, Decatur, GA 30034
Saleemah Sabreen, Decatur, GA 30032
Eafford Sabreia, Decatur, GA 30034
Glanton Sabrina, Decatur, GA 30032
N Sabrina, Decatur, GA 30030
Raines Sabrina, Decatur, GA 30032
Rawls Sabrina, Decatur, GA 30034
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Michael S. Sachs, Decatur, GA 30033
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Sivakumar Sadasivanpillai, Decatur, GA 30033
Sandi Sadde, Decatur, GA 30033
Andrea L. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30037
Bobby L. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30035
Bobby Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Cynthia D. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Franklin D. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Gary Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Gary Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Gloria J. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30032
Jeffrey A. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30035
Joe Saddler, Decatur, GA 30032
Kelli Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Martha M. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Patricia J. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Sula H. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Takeila Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Tiffany M. Saddler, Decatur, GA 30034
Babak Sadeghi, Decatur, GA 30032
Bowen Sadie, Decatur, GA 30034
Mcclusky Sadie, Decatur, GA 30032
Murphy Sadie, Decatur, GA 30035
Gulnora Sadikova, Decatur, GA 30033
Adrian Sadler, Decatur, GA 30035
Angie Sadler, Decatur, GA 30033
Anthony Sadler, Decatur, GA 30034
Charles R. Sadler, Decatur, GA 30030
Dominique Sadler, Decatur, GA 30032
Dominique Sadler, Decatur, GA 30034
Donna L. Sadler, Decatur, GA 30030
Donna Sadler, Decatur, GA 30030
James M. Sadler, Decatur, GA 30030
Jessica Sadler, Decatur, GA 30035
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Stephen J. Sadler, Decatur, GA 30030
Vinson R. Sadler, Decatur, GA 30032
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Elizabeth Sage, Decatur, GA 30030
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George D. Sage, Decatur, GA 30033
George D. Sage, Decatur, GA 30030
Leslie Sage, Decatur, GA 30033
Lia Sage, Decatur, GA 30030
Michael J. Sage, Decatur, GA 30030
On Sage, Decatur, GA 30030
Jeremy Sagen, Decatur, GA 30030
Gary J. Sager, Decatur, GA 30033
Harriet Sager, Decatur, GA 30033
Katesha R. Sagers, Decatur, GA 30035
Keith Sagers, Decatur, GA 30035
Keith Sagers, Decatur, GA 30035
Rodney K. Sagers, Decatur, GA 30035
Marvin M. Saggus, Decatur, GA 30032
Marvin Saggus, Decatur, GA 30032
Rubia M. Saggus, Decatur, GA 30032
Samuel H. Saggus, Decatur, GA 30030
Stephen H. Saggus, Decatur, GA 30030
Travis L. Saggus, Decatur, GA 30032
Eleanor Sagoes, Decatur, GA 30032
Jeneen M. Sagon, Decatur, GA 30030
Alexa Sagy, Decatur, GA 30032
Vivek Sah, Decatur, GA 30030
Babul C. Saha, Decatur, GA 30035
Carine Saha, Decatur, GA 30035
Raymond Sahira, Decatur, GA 30032
Manas Sahoo, Decatur, GA 30030
Joe Sahr, Decatur, GA 30033
Wayne J. Sahw, Decatur, GA 30032
Sarah S. Sai, Decatur, GA 30033
Sarah Mossavi Sai, Decatur, GA 30033
Abrouch Said, Decatur, GA 30033
Andrea Said, Decatur, GA 30030
Mousa Said, Decatur, GA 30033
Penaloza Said, Decatur, GA 30032
Wais Said, Decatur, GA 30030
Said N. Said Aqa, Decatur, GA 30033
Enow Saida, Decatur, GA 30034
Choiaieb Saidi, Decatur, GA 30032
Kantracy S. Saidi, Decatur, GA 30034
Khalida Saidova, Decatur, GA 30032
Elke Saile, Decatur, GA 30033
Amit M. Saindane, Decatur, GA 30030
Sonali G. Saindane, Decatur, GA 30030
Nicholas Saindon, Decatur, GA 30032
Fatou Saine, Decatur, GA 30034
Clair S. Saint, Decatur, GA 30035
Clair Saint, Decatur, GA 30032
Louis T. Saint, Decatur, GA 30035
Louis Saint, Decatur, GA 30034
Katie Saint Amant, Decatur, GA 30034
Jonathan Saint Hilaire, Decatur, GA 30030
William A. Saint John, Decatur, GA 30033
Dianne Saint Laurent, Decatur, GA 30034
Leopold Saint-cyr, Decatur, GA 30033
Rachelle Saint-louis, Decatur, GA 30035
E A. Saintil, Decatur, GA 30032
Constance J. Saintiny, Decatur, GA 30031
Donielle Saintlouis, Decatur, GA 30032

Same County

Doris Yates, Lithonia, GA 30058
Dorothy Yates, Atlanta, GA 30338
Dwayne R. Yates, Lithonia, GA 30038
E F. Yates, Lithonia, GA 30038
Edgar W. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30319
Elizabeth Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Elizabeth Yates, Atlanta, GA 30345
F Yates, Decatur, GA 30032
Frances Yates, Decatur, GA 30030
Frank Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
George Yates, Decatur, GA 30030
Gilbert A. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30338
Gregory A. Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Henry Yates, Atlanta, GA 30307
Jamell L. Yates, Lithonia, GA 30058
James Yates, Atlanta, GA 30306
James M. Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
James M. Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Jane Yates, Tucker, GA 30084
Janis E. Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Jennifer Yates, Decatur, GA 30032
Jerome W. Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Joe Yates, Decatur, GA 30032
John Yates, Ellenwood, GA 30294
John C. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30307
John L. Yates, Ellenwood, GA 30294
John L. Yates, Decatur, GA 30032
John Yates, Ellenwood, GA 30294
Jonathan Yates, Decatur, GA 30030
Judy A. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30306
K Yates, Lithonia, GA 30058
Kathy E. Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30088
Kelly R. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30307
Kendra L. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30338
Kenneth V. Yates, Decatur, GA 30032
Kenneth Yates, Chamblee, GA 30341
Kimberl Yates, Atlanta, GA 30306
Kimberly D. Yates, Lithonia, GA 30038
Latoya Yates, Lithonia, GA 30058
Laymon B. Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Linda A. Yates, Decatur, GA 30032
Lindsey Yates, Atlanta, GA 30319
Lois Yates, Atlanta, GA 30319
Lorance W. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30345
Lyeshia Yates, Decatur, GA 30035
Madeline J. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30345
Maggie Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Marianna Yates, Atlanta, GA 30341
Mark Yates, Stone Mtn, GA 30087
Mark E. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30338
Michael R. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30338
Millard H. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30307
Mindy B. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30338
N J. Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Natasha W. Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30088
Nia Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
P D. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30319
Patricia B. Yates, Tucker, GA 30084
Paul Yates, Atlanta, GA 30307
Prentice Yates, Atlanta, GA 30340
Quinn Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Randy Yates, Atlanta, GA 30345
Ray G. Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30088
Reid C. Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Reid T. Yates, Tucker, GA 30084
Renee M. Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30088
Resq Yates, Atlanta, GA 30319
Rhonda Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Rhonda M. Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Robert G. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30307
Robert L. Yates, Tucker, GA 30084
Robert L. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30341
Rutus Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Sally Q. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30306
Samuel A. Yates, Decatur, GA 30032
Shanequa Yates, Lithonia, GA 30038
Sheila Yates, Atlanta, GA 30341
Shonyell S. Yates, Lithonia, GA 30058
Soncha L. Yates, Atlanta, GA 30338
Stephen D. Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30088
Stewnell Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Tasha Yates, Atlanta, GA 30345
Terry Yates, Atlanta, GA 30341
Tonya Yates, Decatur, GA 30032
Tracey K. Yates, Clarkston, GA 30021
Vera L. Yates, Lithonia, GA 30058
Verna M. Yates, Decatur, GA 30030
Vernell Yates, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Virginia R. Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Yolanda A. Yates, Lithonia, GA 30058
Zack Yates, Decatur, GA 30033
Manga Yatin, Atlanta, GA 30329
Chiu Yau-sen, Doraville, GA 30360
Ann H. Yauger, Atlanta, GA 30319
Kathy M. Yaughn, Decatur, GA 30033
Lisa Yaun, Atlanta, GA 30338
Marianne Yaun, Atlanta, GA 30341
Raghuveer Yavagal, Decatur, GA 30033
Tony S. Yavari, Atlanta, GA 30341
Vasiliy Yavgushenko, Atlanta, GA 30341
Jennifer M. Yavorsky, Atlanta, GA 30306
Dino Yavuncu, Atlanta, GA 30338
Neslihan Yavuncu, Atlanta, GA 30338
Amoateng Yaw, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Frempong Yaw, Decatur, GA 30034
Joan G. Yaw, Lithonia, GA 30038
Mu Yaw, Clarkston, GA 30021
N Yaw, Atlanta, GA 30340
Tacoma Yaw, Doraville, GA 30340
Tacoma Yaw, Atlanta, GA 30340
Tandoh Yaw, Decatur, GA 30034
Tapaneyakul Yawanuch, Decatur, GA 30033
Masami Yawata, Atlanta, GA 30338
Barbara B. Yawn, Atlanta, GA 30340
Barbara B. Yawn, Atlanta, GA 30340
Barbara B. Yawn, Doraville, GA 30340
Carleatha Y. Yawn, Stone Mountain, GA 30088
Carleatha Yawn, Stone Mtn, GA 30088
Gregory Yawn, Decatur, GA 30033
Justin Yawn, Atlanta, GA 30324
Virginia S. Yawn, Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Desta Yayineababa, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Mekonnen Yayne, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Essa Yazbak, Decatur, GA 30030
Maria L. Yazbak, Atlanta, GA 30329
Marja L. Yazbak, Atlanta, GA 30329
Mehryar Yazdani-pedrm, Atlanta, GA 30319
Amy R. Yazel, Atlanta, GA 30341
Kim Yazell, Atlanta, GA 30360
Minnie Yazell, Atlanta, GA 30341
K B. Yazid, Stone Mountain, GA 30088
Carolina Yazo, Tucker, GA 30084
Ace Ybanez, Atlanta, GA 30316
Daphne Ybanez, Atlanta, GA 30316
Epimaco D. Ybanez, Atlanta, GA 30316
Marco Ybanez, Atlanta, GA 30340
Michelle A. Ybanez, Atlanta, GA 30316
Patria Ybanez, Atlanta, GA 30345
Patria L. Ybanez, Atlanta, GA 30316
Diane Ybarra, Atlanta, GA 30316
Felipe Ybarra, Atlanta, GA 30329
James A. Ybarra, Atlanta, GA 30319
Lori J. Ybarra, Atlanta, GA 30319
Shenera Ydearvy, Atlanta, GA 30316
Chris Ye, Atlanta, GA 30340
Dong Y. Ye, Atlanta, GA 30340
Femgli Ye, Atlanta, GA 30341
Huai Y. Ye, Decatur, GA 30030
Jiali Ye, Tucker, GA 30084
Jung Ye, Atlanta, GA 30360

Demographics in ZIP 30034

52.3% are female
47.7% are male

47.7% of residents in ZIP 30034 are male and 52.3% are female. 31.9% of residents are married and 18.4% are divorced. 43% have never been married. 6.7% are widowed. The average size of resident families is 3.48.

Races in ZIP 30034

2.8% report being Hispanic

4.5% of residents in ZIP 30034 report their race as White. 90.9% report their race as Black or African American. 0.3% report their race as Asian. 0.2% report their race as American Indian and Alaska Native. 0% report their race as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. 1.2% report their race as Some other race. 3% report their race as Two or more races. 2.8% report being Hispanic. Note: Hispanic is considered to be an ethnicity and not a race.

Education in ZIP 30034

38.3% have a Science and Engineering degree

7.8% of residents in ZIP 30034 have less than a high school education. 30.2% have a high school diploma but no more. 31.4% of residents have some college but no more. 18.5% have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) but no more. 12.1% have a graduate degree. 38.3% have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a Science and Engineering (or related) field.

Household Income in ZIP 30034

Median household income: 54828
43.4% have two income earners
19.4% of households earn $100,000+

Median household income in ZIP 30034 is $54828 with 43.4% of families having two income earners. 19.4% of households earn at least $100,000. 4.4% of households have an income under $5,000, 2.7% from $5,000-$10,000, 2.7% from $10,000-$15,000, 4.7% from $15,000-$20,000, 3.8% from $20,000-$25,000, 11.4% from $25,000-$35,000, 15.4% from $35,000-$50,000, 21.2% from $50,000-$75,000, 14.4% from $75,000-$100,000, 11.5% from $100,000-$150,000 and 7.9% over $150,000. The median income of individuals is $30471.

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