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Christa Hinton

1122 N Clark St
(312) 649-0708

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About Christa

She has lived in this area for 1 Years and has no children living in their household. Christa's ethnicity is English. She either owns or rents the property in 1122 N Clark St, part of a multi family dwelling unit with 10+ units. It is estimated that Christa earns $75-99K per year. She has an estimated net worth of under $25K.


Address Continue 1122 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60610


Phone (312) 649-0708
Social Media

Financial Situation

Estimated Income 75-99K
Estimated Wealth under 25K


Dwelling Type MFDU 10+ Units
Homeowner Type Probable Renter
Property Condominium

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Christa live?

Christa lives at 1122 N Clark St in Chicago, IL 60610.

What is Christa's phone number?

Christa Hinton's phone number is (312) 649-0708.

What kind of home does Christa Hinton live in?

She lives in a part of a multi family dwelling unit with 10+ units.

Does Christa own or rent their home?

Christa is a Probable Renter.

In what type of property is MS or MISS Hinton living?

She lives in a Condominium property.

How many years of school has Christa Hinton completed?

People in Christa Hinton's area have completed 13-15 years years in school as a median.

What is Christa's ethnicity?

She is English.

What is Christa's gender?

Christa is Female.

How much money does she earn?

Christa Hinton's estimated income is $75-99K per year.

How much money does she have?

Christa Hinton's estimated wealth is under $25K.

How long has she lived in this area?

Christa Hinton has lived in this area for 1 Years.

Does she have children?

No, she has no children living in their household.

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Christa Lamos, Woodstock, GA 30189
Christa Lamothe, Edmonds, WA 98026
Christa C. Lamothe, Worcester, MA 01605
Christa Lampe, Tripoli, IA 50676
Christa Lampitt, Medford, NJ 08055
Christa J. Lampley, Fairburn, GA 30213
Christa Lampman, Boling, TX 77420
Christa D. Lancaster, Surprise, AZ 85388
Christa A. Lancaster, Montpelier, VT 05602
Christa A. Lancaster, Montpelier, VT 5602 -2519
Christa R. Lancaster Brown, Hyattsville, MD 20785
Christa Y. Lance, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Christa L. Lance, Fletcher, NC 28732
Christa L. Lance, Asheville, NC 28803
Christa Lancellotti, Aston, PA 19014
Christa Lancial, Melcher, IA 50163
Christa Lancial, Melcher, IA 50163
Christa Land, Tyler, TX 75701
Christa A. Land, Boston, KY 40107
Christa C. Land, Las Vegas, NV 89106
Christa Landa, Miami, FL 33186
Christa M. Landas, Pleasantville, PA 16341
Christa Landen, Elm Creek, NE 68836
Christa S. Landers, Lafayette, CA 94549
Christa Landes, Bethlehem, PA 18015
Christa Landgraf, Mendota, IL 61342
Christa L. Landingham, Madison, AL 35758
Christa A. Landini, Fairfield, CT 06824
Christa Landle, Youngstown, OH 44514
Christa Landmark, International Falls, MN 56649
Christa U. Landon, Lebanon, MO 65536
Christa R. Landon, Osseo, MN 55369
Christa R. Landon, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Christa Landon, Millburn, NJ 07041
Christa Landowski, East Lansing, MI 48825
Christa W. Landreneau, Ville Platte, LA 70586
Christa Landrum, Borger, TX 79007
Christa J. Landry, Sudbury, MA 01776
Christa Lands, Sanborn, NY 14132
Christa Landsberg, Detroit, MI 48214
Christa Landsberg, Sterling Heights, MI 48310
Christa Lane, Castalia, OH 44824

Same City

Michael J. Rodenbaugh, Chicago, IL 60657
Jake Rodenbeck, Chicago, IL 60611
M Rodenbeck, Chicago, IL 60610
Susanne M. Rodenbeck, Chicago, IL 60622
Alan S. Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60616
Janet Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60643
Jeffrey Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60643
Jennifer A. Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60643
Mary R. Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60643
Nick Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60615
Patricia Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60629
Roseanne M. Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60643
Sarah Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60643
Sarah Rodenberg, Chicago, IL 60643
Alan Rodenberg Jr, Chicago, IL 60643
Steve Rodenborn, Chicago, IL 60637
Jessica Rodenbostel, Chicago, IL 60640
Cody Rodenbough, Chicago, IL 60618
Sara E. Rodenburg, Chicago, IL 60660
Earl Rodenhizer, Chicago, IL 60638
Vivian I. Rodenhizer, Chicago, IL 60638
Julia S. Rodenkirch, Chicago, IL 60647
Kevin M. Rodenkirch, Chicago, IL 60613
Kristin L. Rodeno, Chicago, IL 60618
Thomas C. Rodeno, Chicago, IL 60618
Calvin Rodeo, Chicago, IL 60652
Lisette Rodeo, Chicago, IL 60639
Adam Roder, Chicago, IL 60616
Amy M. Roder, Chicago, IL 60641
Blaine B. Roder, Chicago, IL 60610
David Roder, Chicago, IL 60630
Diane V. Roder, Chicago, IL 60618
Erin C. Roder, Chicago, IL 60613
Gordon B. Roder, Chicago, IL 60690
John Roder, Chicago, IL 60614
Joseph A. Roder, Chicago, IL 60641
Latrece Roder, Chicago, IL 60620
Nicholas G. Roder, Chicago, IL 60657
Nick G. Roder, Chicago, IL 60657
Patrick Roder, Chicago, IL 60657
Rudolph M. Roder, Chicago, IL 60614
Stevenson Rodereck, Chicago, IL 60624
Dale Rodereco, Chicago, IL 60651
Kristina E. Roderer, Chicago, IL 60613
Elma Rodergez, Chicago, IL 60622
Elma Rodergez, Chicago, IL 60647
Carolina Rodergiz, Chicago, IL 60638
Lee Roderguiz, Chicago, IL 60623
Lupe Roderguiz, Chicago, IL 60638
Veronica Roderguiz, Chicago, IL 60617
Jones Roderic, Chicago, IL 60623
S Roderic, Chicago, IL 60645
Anita M. Roderich, Chicago, IL 60641
Kurt J. Roderich, Chicago, IL 60641
Kurt J. Roderich, Chicago, IL 60618
Kurt Roderich, Chicago, IL 60613
Abby S. Roderick, Chicago, IL 60660
Biedron Roderick, Chicago, IL 60630
Birnie Roderick, Chicago, IL 60637
Charlene Roderick, Chicago, IL 60601
Cook Roderick, Chicago, IL 60636
Donald Roderick, Chicago, IL 60649
Erin Roderick, Chicago, IL 60630
Gardiner Roderick, Chicago, IL 60629
H Roderick, Chicago, IL 60657
Harris Roderick, Chicago, IL 60643
Haynes Roderick, Chicago, IL 60620
Jacob M. Roderick, Chicago, IL 60631
James Roderick, Chicago, IL 60651
Janet K. Roderick, Chicago, IL 60622
Jones Roderick, Chicago, IL 60651
Jpaula P. Roderick, Chicago, IL 60660
June Roderick, Chicago, IL 60660
Katherine Roderick, Chicago, IL 60647
Kip R. Roderick, Chicago, IL 60626
Kipton R. Roderick, Chicago, IL 60626
Kirkwood Roderick, Chicago, IL 60639
Omandam Roderick, Chicago, IL 60659
Paula Roderick, Chicago, IL 60660
Pierce Roderick, Chicago, IL 60628
Pierce Roderick, Chicago, IL 60620
Reves Roderick, Chicago, IL 60640
S Roderick, Chicago, IL 60649
Smith Roderick, Chicago, IL 60617
Smith Roderick, Chicago, IL 60643
Taylor Roderick, Chicago, IL 60620
Thomas Roderick, Chicago, IL 60620
Thompson Roderick, Chicago, IL 60639
Wills Roderick, Chicago, IL 60620
Francisco Roderiguez, Chicago, IL 60609
J Roderiguez, Chicago, IL 60632
Javier C. Roderiguez, Chicago, IL 60629
Luz M. Roderiguez, Chicago, IL 60657
Alex Rodes, Chicago, IL 60619
Crystal Rodes, Chicago, IL 60625
Crystal Rodes, Chicago, IL 60657
Dorothy L. Rodes, Chicago, IL 60657
G Rodes, Chicago, IL 60628
Grace D. Rodes, Chicago, IL 60610
Lisa A. Rodes, Chicago, IL 60657
Richard L. Rodes, Chicago, IL 60622
Vera Rodes, Chicago, IL 60643
Stenson Rodessa, Chicago, IL 60643
Kevin J. Rodevich, Chicago, IL 60642
Douglas L. Rodewald, Chicago, IL 60614
Emma C. Rodewald, Chicago, IL 60640
Elaine M. Rodey, Chicago, IL 60618
Joseph F. Rodey, Chicago, IL 60660
Brad Rodez, Chicago, IL 60626
Ivan R. Rodez, Chicago, IL 60643
Lamar Rodez, Chicago, IL 60643
Neva Rodez, Chicago, IL 60619
Renee Rodez, Chicago, IL 60620
Renee Rodez, Chicago, IL 60620
Tamekia Rodez, Chicago, IL 60620
Willie Rodez, Chicago, IL 60626
Lydia A. Rodezno, Chicago, IL 60645
Arna Rodger, Chicago, IL 60624
Bradley Rodger, Chicago, IL 60618
Clara Rodger, Chicago, IL 60646
Earnest Rodger, Chicago, IL 60624
Ellen M. Rodger, Chicago, IL 60643
Fairy Rodger, Chicago, IL 60827
Kathleen M. Rodger, Chicago, IL 60625
Keith A. Rodger, Chicago, IL 60643
Kodl Rodger, Chicago, IL 60660
Konow Rodger, Chicago, IL 60646
Kowzslowsk Rodger, Chicago, IL 60638
Latricia Rodger, Chicago, IL 60619
Mardelle Rodger, Chicago, IL 60615
Norman D. Rodger, Chicago, IL 60622
Pinal Rodger, Chicago, IL 60639
Stephan P. Rodger, Chicago, IL 60625
Terrell Rodger, Chicago, IL 60620
Zeta Rodger-sykes, Chicago, IL 60628
A Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60619
Aaron Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60649
Abraham Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60617
Aisha Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60636
Akeeysha Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60644
Akeeysha Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60651
Alexander F. Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60643
Alexis Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60640
Alice Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60614
Alma Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60655
Alton Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60620
Alton Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60643
Amirita B. Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60616
Amy R. Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60616
Amy E. Rodgers, Chicago, IL 60625

Same County

Z Gonzalez, Streamwood, IL 60107
Z Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60625
Zaevion Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60641
Zaida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60609
Zaida I. Gonzalez, Franklin Park, IL 60131
Zaida G. Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60647
Zaray L. Gonzalez, Berkeley, IL 60163
Zeferino Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60634
Zelma R. Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60641
Zemira Gonzalez, Streamwood, IL 60107
Zenadia Gonzalez, Cicero, IL 60804
Zenaidia Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60639
Zenon Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60639
Zenon Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60634
Zintia Gonzalez, Berwyn, IL 60402
Zobeida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60640
Zoe A. Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60634
Zoila Gonzalez, Wheeling, IL 60090
Zoila J. Gonzalez, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Zoila M. Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60632
Zoila Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60640
Zoila Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60640
Zoraida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60608
Zoraida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60629
Zoraida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60639
Zoraida M. Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60631
Zoraida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60707
Zoraida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60638
Zoraida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60622
Zoraida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60628
Zoraida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60630
Zoraima Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60647
Zraida Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60626
Zulema D. Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60630
Zulma Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60647
Zulma Gonzalez, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Alexander Gonzalez Jr, Chicago, IL 60632
Anastacio Gonzalez Jr, Chicago, IL 60646
Apolonio C. Gonzalez Jr, Chicago, IL 60623
Edwin N. Gonzalez Jr, Chicago, IL 60617
Gualberto Gonzalez Jr, Calumet City, IL 60409
Sandra Gonzalez Martinez, Lansing, IL 60438
Ofilia Gonzalez Moreno, Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Deborah B. Gonzalez Orozco, Des Plaines, IL 60018
Carmen Gonzalez Soler, Chicago, IL 60647
Feliciano H. Gonzalez Sr, Westchester, IL 60154
Luis A. Gonzalez Sr, Chicago, IL 60647
Paul H. Gonzalez Sr, Chicago, IL 60626
Ramon Gonzalez Torres, Franklin Park, IL 60131
Victor R. Gonzalez Torres, Chicago, IL 60639
Nora H. Gonzalez-almadovar, Chicago, IL 60641
Digna Gonzalez-ares, Chicago, IL 60651
Olivia Gonzalez-carden, Evanston, IL 60202
Mario D. Gonzalez-chavez, Chicago, IL 60657
Maria S. Gonzalez-cisneros, Chicago, IL 60608
Juliana Gonzalez-crussi, Chicago, IL 60640
Ada Gonzalez-davis, Chicago, IL 60641
Manuel Gonzalez-diaz, Oak Park, IL 60302
Guadalupe Gonzalez-estrada, Chicago, IL 60608
Fabian O. Gonzalez-figueroa, Chicago, IL 60607
Mary Gonzalez-fugat, Chicago, IL 60647
Luz Gonzalez-gaytan, Chicago, IL 60638
Odalinda A. Gonzalez-giron, Wheeling, IL 60090
Deborah Gonzalez-housto, South Holland, IL 60473
Juana Gonzalez-huerta, Palatine, IL 60074
Antonio R. Gonzalez-jr, Riverside, IL 60546
Efren Gonzalez-jr, Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Freddie D. Gonzalez-jr, Chicago, IL 60637
Jose Gonzalez-jr, Chicago, IL 60638
Aristoteles Gonzalez-karras, Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Maria Gonzalez-lasalvia, Glenview, IL 60026
Jessica G. Gonzalez-lebron, Chicago, IL 60639
Maria C. Gonzalez-limon, Chicago, IL 60660
Janice Gonzalez-markha, Chicago, IL 60640
Jose Gonzalez-martinez, Lansing, IL 60438
Miriam Gonzalez-mercad, Melrose Park, IL 60160
Awilda Gonzalez-montanez, Chicago, IL 60639
Ana Gonzalez-munoz, Chicago, IL 60632
Eduardo Gonzalez-munoz, Chicago, IL 60632
Felicia Gonzalez-oritz, Chicago, IL 60647
Leticia Gonzalez-ornelas, Maywood, IL 60153
Luis G. Gonzalez-orozco, Des Plaines, IL 60018
Erika Gonzalez-ortega, Chicago, IL 60629
Raquel Gonzalez-sifuentes, Glenview, IL 60025
Amalia Gonzalez-sotelo, Chicago, IL 60623
Luz S. Gonzalez-torres, Chicago, IL 60639
Doris D. Gonzalez-ubeid, Northbrook, IL 60062
Dishan Gonzalez-valentin, Chicago, IL 60641
Pina G. Gonzalez-weidig, Chicago, IL 60630
G Gonzalez-wozniak, Chicago, IL 60634
Melissa Y. Gonzalez-yanez, Chicago, IL 60629
Elizabeth Gonzalez-zavala, Chicago, IL 60625
Gustavo Gonzalezalbo, Chicago, IL 60632
Kristy Gonzalezjone, Bartlett, IL 60103
Maribel Gonzalezlasalle, Chicago, IL 60647
Andres L. Gonzalezo, Chicago, IL 60609
F Gonzalezornelas, Chicago, IL 60623
Jesus Gonzalezornelas, Chicago, IL 60623
Victorino Gonzalezs, Chicago, IL 60632
Wilfredo Gonzalezvinas, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Armondo Gonzalezz, Chicago, IL 60651
Ramiro Gonzalezz, Cicero, IL 60804
Warner Gonzaliez, Chicago, IL 60628
Celestino Gonzaliz, Des Plaines, IL 60018
Blas Gonzalles, Chicago, IL 60639
Angelo Gonzallez, Chicago, IL 60609
Abarca Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60632
Aguilar Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60638
Alanis Gonzalo, Morton Grove, IL 60053
Alvarez Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60632
Avila Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60641
Badillo Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60623
Badillo Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60623
Barajas Gonzalo, Cicero, IL 60804
Barraza Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60608
Briseno Gonzalo, Niles, IL 60714
Buena Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60659
Cachu Gonzalo, Calumet City, IL 60409
Cadena Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60629
Calderon Gonzalo, Streamwood, IL 60107
Campos Gonzalo, Blue Island, IL 60406
Campos Gonzalo, Blue Island, IL 60406
Capetillo Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60623
Cazares Gonzalo, Blue Island, IL 60406
Chavez Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60629
Contreras Gonzalo, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Delgado Gonzalo, Burbank, IL 60459
Delgado Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60652
Dominguez Gonzalo, Bellwood, IL 60104
E Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60657
Eileen Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60659
Escarcega Gonzalo, Melrose Park, IL 60164
Espana Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60647
Evilla Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60613
Fabara Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60618
Flores Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60622
Flores Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60622
Fuentes Gonzalo, Prospect Heights, IL 60070
Galvan Gonzalo, Prospect Heights, IL 60070
Gamez Gonzalo, Bartlett, IL 60103
Gamez Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60618
Garcia Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60639
Gasca Gonzalo, Morton Grove, IL 60053
Gil Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60623
Godinedz Gonzalo, Berwyn, IL 60402
Godinez Gonzalo, Berwyn, IL 60402
Gomez Gonzalo, Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Gomez Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60651
Gonzalez Gonzalo, Chicago, IL 60617
Gradilla Gonzalo, Brookfield, IL 60513

Demographics in ZIP 60610

52.1% are female
47.9% are male

47.9% of residents in ZIP 60610 are male and 52.1% are female. 30.6% of residents are married and 9.6% are divorced. 55.9% have never been married. 3.9% are widowed. The average size of resident families is 2.58.

Races in ZIP 60610

5% report being Hispanic

72.9% of residents in ZIP 60610 report their race as White. 12% report their race as Black or African American. 9.5% report their race as Asian. 0.2% report their race as American Indian and Alaska Native. 0% report their race as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. 0.9% report their race as Some other race. 4.4% report their race as Two or more races. 5% report being Hispanic. Note: Hispanic is considered to be an ethnicity and not a race.

Education in ZIP 60610

44.4% have a Science and Engineering degree

2.8% of residents in ZIP 60610 have less than a high school education. 6.3% have a high school diploma but no more. 12.6% of residents have some college but no more. 41.9% have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) but no more. 36.4% have a graduate degree. 44.4% have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a Science and Engineering (or related) field.

Household Income in ZIP 60610

Median household income: 99246
56.7% have two income earners
49.7% of households earn $100,000+

Median household income in ZIP 60610 is $99246 with 56.7% of families having two income earners. 49.7% of households earn at least $100,000. 3.6% of households have an income under $5,000, 4.5% from $5,000-$10,000, 3.7% from $10,000-$15,000, 3% from $15,000-$20,000, 2% from $20,000-$25,000, 2.8% from $25,000-$35,000, 6.2% from $35,000-$50,000, 10% from $50,000-$75,000, 14.4% from $75,000-$100,000, 16% from $100,000-$150,000 and 33.7% over $150,000. The median income of individuals is $71950.

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