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Braigan L. Dusek

1418 S 11th St
(254) 742-0788

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About Braigan

Braigan has lived in this area for 3 Years and has no children living in their household. Braigan's ethnicity is Czech. Braigan either owns or rents the property in 1418 S 11th St, a single family home. It is estimated that Braigan earns under $15K per year. Braigan has an estimated net worth of under $25K.


Address Continue 1418 S 11th St
Temple, TX 76504


Phone (254) 742-0788
Social Media

Financial Situation

Estimated Income under 15K
Estimated Wealth under 25K


Dwelling Type SFDU
Homeowner Type Homeowner
Median Home Value $25-49K
Property Residential

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Braigan live?

Braigan lives at 1418 S 11th St in Temple, TX 76504.

What is Braigan's phone number?

Braigan L. Dusek's phone number is (254) 742-0788.

What kind of home does Braigan L. Dusek live in?

Braigan lives in a a single family home.

Does Braigan own or rent their home?

Braigan is a Homeowner.

What is the median home value in this area?

Median home value is $25-49K.

In what type of property is Braigan L. Dusek living?

Braigan lives in a Residential property.

How many years of school has Braigan L. Dusek completed?

People in Braigan L. Dusek's area have completed less than 12 years years in school as a median.

What is Braigan's ethnicity?

Braigan is Czech.

How much money does Braigan earn?

Braigan L. Dusek's estimated income is under $15K per year.

How much money does Braigan have?

Braigan L. Dusek's estimated wealth is under $25K.

How long has Braigan lived in this area?

Braigan L. Dusek has lived in this area for 3 Years.

Does Braigan have children?

No, Braigan has no children living in their household.

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Steven E. Tankesly, Killeen, TX 76549
Derek M. Tanksley, Belton, TX 76513
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Horton Tanya, Killeen, TX 76543
Phillips Tanya, Temple, TX 76502
Josephine K. Taototo, Killeen, TX 76543
Tom Tap, Belton, TX 76513
Nichole Tapala, Killeen, TX 76549
T Taper, Killeen, TX 76549
Adrian J. Tapia, Harker Heights, TX 76548
Adrian Tapia, Killeen, TX 76542
Alejandra Tapia, Temple, TX 76502
Analuisa L. Tapia, Harker Heights, TX 76548
Angel K. Tapia, Killeen, TX 76549
Bernice M. Tapia, Killeen, TX 76543
Daniel Tapia, Killeen, TX 76543
David Tapia, Killeen, TX 76541
Humberto Tapia, Nolanville, TX 76559
Ignacio E. Tapia, Killeen, TX 76541
Javier Tapia, Belton, TX 76513
Johana Tapia, Belton, TX 76513
Lilia Tapia, Belton, TX 76513
Lucia A. Tapia, Belton, TX 76513
Luis C. Tapia, Killeen, TX 76542
M T. Tapia, Killeen, TX 76549
Maria V. Tapia, Killeen, TX 76542
Martinez A. Tapia, Killeen, TX 76549
Michael Tapia, Belton, TX 76513
Monica Tapia, Killeen, TX 76549
Novelyn Tapia, Killeen, TX 76549
Raquel A. Tapia, Belton, TX 76513
Rogelio Tapia, Temple, TX 76502
Yoshiko Tapia, Killeen, TX 76549
Luis C. Tapia-rivera, Killeen, TX 76541
Edward Tapias, Killeen, TX 76541
James J. Tapin, Harker Hts, TX 76548
James J. Tapin, Killeen, TX 76549
Lindsey M. Tapin, Harker Heights, TX 76548
Matthew R. Tapin, Harker Heights, TX 76548
John Taplan, Temple, TX 76501
Gloria C. Tapley, Temple, TX 76501
Jammie Tapley, Belton, TX 76513
Joseph W. Tapley, Temple, TX 76501
Joyce Tapley, Temple, TX 76501
Sean T. Tapley, Killeen, TX 76543
Alberta Taplin, Temple, TX 76501
Andrea Taplin, Temple, TX 76504
Anthony D. Taplin, Belton, TX 76513
Bernice H. Taplin, Temple, TX 76504
Bobbie Taplin, Temple, TX 76504
Bonita Taplin, Killeen, TX 76549
Desmond Taplin, Temple, TX 76504
Dorothy Taplin, Temple, TX 76502
Dorothy Taplin, Temple, TX 76501
Essie B. Taplin, Temple, TX 76504
Geoffrey Taplin, Killeen, TX 76541
Jackie Taplin, Temple, TX 76502
John C. Taplin, Temple, TX 76504
Karanisha Taplin, Temple, TX 76502
Kariansha Taplin, Temple, TX 76504
Kay Taplin, Temple, TX 76501
Kotina A. Taplin, Temple, TX 76504
Kotina Taplin, Temple, TX 76504
Lacresha E. Taplin, Temple, TX 76502

Demographics in ZIP 76504

51.2% are female
48.8% are male

48.8% of residents in ZIP 76504 are male and 51.2% are female. 37.5% of residents are married and 19.6% are divorced. 36.2% have never been married. 6.7% are widowed. The average size of resident families is 3.2.

Races in ZIP 76504

29.9% report being Hispanic

63.4% of residents in ZIP 76504 report their race as White. 19.4% report their race as Black or African American. 1.4% report their race as Asian. 0.5% report their race as American Indian and Alaska Native. 0% report their race as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. 5.8% report their race as Some other race. 9.6% report their race as Two or more races. 29.9% report being Hispanic. Note: Hispanic is considered to be an ethnicity and not a race.

Education in ZIP 76504

44.5% have a Science and Engineering degree

15.2% of residents in ZIP 76504 have less than a high school education. 29.5% have a high school diploma but no more. 33.6% of residents have some college but no more. 13.3% have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) but no more. 8.4% have a graduate degree. 44.5% have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a Science and Engineering (or related) field.

Household Income in ZIP 76504

Median household income: 42793
41.2% have two income earners
12.9% of households earn $100,000+

Median household income in ZIP 76504 is $42793 with 41.2% of families having two income earners. 12.9% of households earn at least $100,000. 5.2% of households have an income under $5,000, 4.1% from $5,000-$10,000, 4.8% from $10,000-$15,000, 5.9% from $15,000-$20,000, 8.5% from $20,000-$25,000, 13.4% from $25,000-$35,000, 16.5% from $35,000-$50,000, 18.6% from $50,000-$75,000, 10.1% from $75,000-$100,000, 9.9% from $100,000-$150,000 and 3% over $150,000. The median income of individuals is $25990.

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