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Allan Emmert

25 Watertown Dr

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About Allan

Allan has lived in this area for less than a year and has no children living in their household.


Address Continue 25 Watertown Dr
Merced, CA 95341


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Financial Situation


Median Home Value $100-149K

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Allan live?

Allan lives at 25 Watertown Dr in Merced, CA 95341.

What is the median home value in this area?

Median home value is $100-149K.

How long has Allan lived in this area?

Allan Emmert has lived in this area for Years.

Does Allan have children?

No, Allan has no children living in their household.

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Allan J. Lamb, Vallejo, CA 94591
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Allan W. Lamb, Gilbert, AZ 85297
Allan A. Lamb, Wellington, FL 33414
Allan J. Lamb, Saint Petersburg, FL 33715
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Allan L. Lamb, Redlands, CA 92375
Allan Lamb, Lancaster, CA 93536
Allan G. Lamberson, Westport, CT 06880
Allan H. Lambert, Gautier, MS 39553
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Allan W. Lambert, Minneapolis, MN 55432
Allan L. Lambert, Minneapolis, MN 55419
Allan E. Lambert, Blue Mountain, MS 38610
Allan Lambert, Metairie, LA 70005
Allan E. Lambert, Markleville, IN 46056
Allan E. Lambert, Anderson, IN 46012
Allan Lambert, Metairie, LA 70002
Allan H. Lambert, Metairie, LA 70005
Allan Lambert, Salem, OR 97304
Allan J. Lambert, Umatilla, OR 97882
Allan D. Lambert, Winston Salem, NC 27127
Allan Lambert, Hollywood, FL 33021
Allan W. Lambert, San Diego, CA 92126
Allan B. Lambert, Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Allan J. Lambert, Cottonwood, AL 36320
Allan L. Lambert, Athens, AL 35611
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Allan Lambert, Tallahassee, FL 32310
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Allan Lambert, West Jordan, UT 84088
Allan Lambert, Pittston, PA 18640
Allan R. Lambert, Ripley, TN 38063
Allan A. Lambert, Knoxville, TN 37922
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Allan J. Lamer, Denmark, WI 54208
Allan J. Lamer, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Allan D. Lamere, Greenfield, MA 01301
Allan D. Lamere, Williamsburg, MA 01096
Allan D. Lamere, Haydenville, MA 01039
Allan J. Lamere, Heuvelton, NY 13654
Allan D. Lamers, Wrightstown, WI 54180
Allan Lamielle, Fort Collins, CO 80525
Allan Lamkin, Waconia, MN 55387
Allan Lammers, Portland, OR 97219
Allan D. Lammers, Sandoval, IL 62882
Allan Lammli, Stanton, NE 68779
Allan Lammli, Sherwood, AR 72120
Allan G. Lamon, Woodinville, WA 98072
Allan D. Lamonda, Taftville, CT 06380
Allan J. Lamonda, Norwich, CT 06360
Allan Lamonda, Uncasville, CT 06382
Allan R. Lamont, Bradenton, FL 34208
Allan Lamonte, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Allan E. Lamoreaux, Shavertown, PA 18708
Allan E. Lamorey, Franklin, NH 03235
Allan J. Lamos, Naperville, IL 60563
Allan D. Lamothe, Metamora, MI 48455
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Allan J. Lamovec, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Allan Lamp, Sioux Falls, SD 57103
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Allan S. Land, Boynton Beach, FL 33437
Allan D. Land, Dallas, GA 30157
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Allan L. Landers, Zephyrhills, FL 33542
Allan W. Landers, Afton, IA 50830
Allan E. Landers, Philadelphia, PA 19146
Allan L. Landers-jr, Scranton, PA 18504
Allan M. Landes, Syracuse, NY 13215
Allan J. Landesman, Utica, NY 13501
Allan Landess, Casper, WY 82604

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Bonnie Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
C Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Christopher Duncan, Merced, CA 95348
David Duncan, Merced, CA 95348
Doris M. Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
E R. Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Heather J. Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
J Duncan, Merced, CA 95341
James Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Jennifer M. Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Jennifer S. Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Jeremy S. Duncan, Merced, CA 95348
Jim A. Duncan, Merced, CA 95348
Josh Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Laing Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Lauresa Duncan, Merced, CA 95348
Leslee Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Martha Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Patty Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Ronald Duncan, Merced, CA 95348
Ronald E. Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Rosemary Duncan, Merced, CA 95341
Shawn L. Duncan, Merced, CA 95340
Shelley L. Duncan-haslouer, Merced, CA 95340
Eunice G. Duncanson, Merced, CA 95340
Carol C. Dunham, Merced, CA 95340
Cathy Dunham, Merced, CA 95348
David S. Dunham, Merced, CA 95348
David S. Dunham, Merced, CA 95340
Kenneth L. Dunham, Merced, CA 95348
Kristine Dunham, Merced, CA 95340
Louise M. Dunham, Merced, CA 95340
Mary Dunham, Merced, CA 95348
Ronald Dunham, Merced, CA 95348
Taylor Dunham, Merced, CA 95340
Taylor Dunham, Merced, CA 95340
Trixie Dunham, Merced, CA 95340
Yarrow Dunham, Merced, CA 95340
Cheryl Dunigan, Merced, CA 95341
Matthew F. Dunkel, Merced, CA 95348
Robert W. Dunkel, Merced, CA 95348
D Dunlap, Merced, CA 95341
David Dunlap, Merced, CA 95340
David Dunlap, Merced, CA 95340
Genevieve L. Dunlap, Merced, CA 95348
Kandra Dunlap, Merced, CA 95348
Ofelia Dunlap, Merced, CA 95340
Ofelia Dunlap, Merced, CA 95340
Trudy W. Dunlap, Merced, CA 95340
Cecelia H. Dunlavy, Merced, CA 95340
William W. Dunlavy, Merced, CA 95340
Alice Dunn, Merced, CA 95348
Bobbie G. Dunn, Merced, CA 95340
Caitlin Dunn, Merced, CA 95340
Chad Dunn, Merced, CA 95341
Chris Dunn, Merced, CA 95340
Cynthia L. Dunn, Merced, CA 95341
Dama F. Dunn, Merced, CA 95341
Debbie Dunn, Merced, CA 95348
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Donald K. Dunn, Merced, CA 95348
Doris E. Dunn, Merced, CA 95348
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Magdalena Dunne, Merced, CA 95348
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Robert Dunnicliff, Merced, CA 95341
Sara E. Dunning, Merced, CA 95348
Marisa Dunstan, Merced, CA 95340
E Dunton, Merced, CA 95341
Esther E. Dunton, Merced, CA 95348
Ramicova Dunya, Merced, CA 95340
Duc M. Duong, Merced, CA 95341
Sung Duong, Merced, CA 95340
David Dupertuis, Merced, CA 95340
Henry M. Dupertuis, Merced, CA 95340
Mary E. Dupertuis, Merced, CA 95340
Diana L. Dupont, Merced, CA 95341
Jerry T. Dupont, Merced, CA 95341
Kathy G. Dupont, Merced, CA 95341
Thomas A. Dupont, Merced, CA 95340
Judy A. Dupps, Merced, CA 95340
Earyl Dupre, Merced, CA 95348
Jordan Dupree, Merced, CA 95340
Lachrista A. Dupree, Merced, CA 95348
Lachrista Dupree, Merced, CA 95348
Latoya S. Dupree, Merced, CA 95341
Tim Dupree, Merced, CA 95348
Juan Duque, Merced, CA 95341
Adoracion Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Alejandro Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Alyssa Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Alyssa Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Alyssa Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Ana Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Angela Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Armando Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Benjamin T. Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Bernabe B. Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Bunny Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Candelaria Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Carmen Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Chelo Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Connie Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Delfino M. Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Denise Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Desi Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Desiree Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Donna C. Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Dorene G. Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Elia Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Elia Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Elia Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Estevan P. Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Fernando Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Fred J. Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Fredrick J. Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Guadalupe C. Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Hermilo Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Hugo Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Jennifer Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Jennifer Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Joeye Duran, Merced, CA 95340
John A. Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Jolynn M. Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Jose R. Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Jose G. Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Jose D. Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Josephine Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Juan Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Juan Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Juan Duran, Merced, CA 95341
Julian Duran, Merced, CA 95340
K Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Kelli Duran, Merced, CA 95340
Kelly R. Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Lesley Duran, Merced, CA 95344
Luis Duran, Merced, CA 95348
Lupe Duran, Merced, CA 95348

Same County

Ned T. Ryan, Los Banos, CA 93635
Patricia A. Ryan, Los Banos, CA 93635
Patti Ryan, Merced, CA 95340
Robin D. Ryan, Merced, CA 95341
Rodney Ryan, Los Banos, CA 93635
Russell Ryan, Atwater, CA 95301
Russell A. Ryan, Atwater, CA 95301
Sean P. Ryan, Merced, CA 95340
Sheila A. Ryan, Los Banos, CA 93635
Sherry Ryan, Atwater, CA 95301
Steve J. Ryan, Le Grand, CA 95333
Susan R. Ryan, Snelling, CA 95369
T Ryan, Merced, CA 95340
Thomas C. Ryan, Merced, CA 95340
Frank C. Rybka, Merced, CA 95340
Linda R. Rybka, Merced, CA 95340
Anne Rye, Merced, CA 95340
Dorothy A. Rye, Dos Palos, CA 93620
Laura M. Rye, Merced, CA 95340
Michelle A. Rye, Merced, CA 95340
Pat Rye, Merced, CA 95340
Patrick Rye, Merced, CA 95340
Robert L. Rye, Dos Palos, CA 93620
Shelly M. Rye, Merced, CA 95340
Steven M. Rye, Merced, CA 95340
A M. Ryel, Merced, CA 95348
Arol Ryel, Merced, CA 95340
Harold G. Ryel, Merced, CA 95340
John M. Ryel, Merced, CA 95348
Mary F. Ryel, Merced, CA 95340
Mike Ryel, Merced, CA 95348
Penny Ryland, Merced, CA 95340
Robert E. Ryland, Merced, CA 95340
Matthew Rylee, Atwater, CA 95301
Helen M. Ryley, Snelling, CA 95369
Laraine Ryner, Merced, CA 95341
Doug Rynes, Los Banos, CA 93635
Sherri Rynock, Atwater, CA 95301
Patty Rynolds, Merced, CA 95341
Martin Rynoso, Atwater, CA 95301
Sheila I. Ryskamp, Los Banos, CA 93635
Ahmed N. Saad, Merced, CA 95340
Clarissa R. Saad, Merced, CA 95340
Saelee Saam, Merced, CA 95341
Lynn M. Saaranzin, Gustine, CA 95322
Betty J. Saarloos, Merced, CA 95348
Michelle Saarloos, Merced, CA 95348
Nikki Saarloos, Merced, CA 95348
Sara Saarloos, Merced, CA 95348
William R. Saarloos, Merced, CA 95348
Susan Saaty, Delhi, CA 95315
William Saaty, Delhi, CA 95315
Angelina Saauveda, Delhi, CA 95315
Alfonso Z. Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Alfonso Z. Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Carla Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Elena M. Saavedra, Livingston, CA 95334
Jesus Saavedra, Atwater, CA 95301
Jose A. Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Juan Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Kathleen S. Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Larry Saavedra, Delhi, CA 95315
Leticia Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Linda Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Luis Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Margarita E. Saavedra, Merced, CA 95340
Margarita E. Saavedra, Atwater, CA 95301
Margarita Saavedra, Atwater, CA 95301
Maria E. Saavedra, Delhi, CA 95315
Maria M. Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Mary A. Saavedra, Dos Palos, CA 93620
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Richard M. Saavedra, Atwater, CA 95301
Stephanie Saavedra, Merced, CA 95340
Sylvia Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
Sylvia Saavedra, Los Banos, CA 93635
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Brandice Sabato, Merced, CA 95341
Denise M. Sabato, Merced, CA 95341
Frank Sabato, Merced, CA 95348
Frank L. Sabato, Merced, CA 95341
Ahmad S. Sabeh, Atwater, CA 95301
B Sabin, Merced, CA 95348
Carmen D. Sabin, Atwater, CA 95301
Gregory Sabin, Delhi, CA 95315
Randazzo Sabina, Los Banos, CA 93635
Paul R. Sabine, Winton, CA 95388
Kevin J. Sabins, Hilmar, CA 95324
Monica Sabins, Hilmar, CA 95324
Juan Sablan, Los Banos, CA 93635
Harish Sablok, Livingston, CA 95334
Preeti Sablok, Livingston, CA 95334
Ramesh K. Sablok, Livingston, CA 95334
Vikas Sablok, Livingston, CA 95334
Joseph F. Sabo, Merced, CA 95340
June Sabo, Ballico, CA 95303
Kurt Sabo, Merced, CA 95340
Steven J. Sabo, Ballico, CA 95303
B J. Sabol, Merced, CA 95348
Johzabat Sabory, Merced, CA 95348
David Sabour, Merced, CA 95348
Corey J. Sabroe, Merced, CA 95341
Joe G. Saca, Winton, CA 95388
Adam J. Sacchetti, Merced, CA 95348
Adam J. Sacchetti, Merced, CA 95348
Adam J. Sacchetti, Merced, CA 95340
Mary Sacchetti, Merced, CA 95340
Lucia Saccullo, Los Banos, CA 93635
Lucia V. Saccullo, Dos Palos, CA 93620
Meghann Sachez, Los Banos, CA 93635
Estaphanie Sacramento, Merced, CA 95341
Montanez Sacramento, Livingston, CA 95334
Rakhi Sadarangani, Atwater, CA 95301
Yasser Sadek, Merced, CA 95348
Yasser E. Sadek, Merced, CA 95348
Helen R. Sader, Los Banos, CA 93635
Helen Ruth Sader, Los Banos, CA 93635
Braun Sadie, Livingston, CA 95334
Jameela Sadiqi, Merced, CA 95348
Ann Sadler, Los Banos, CA 93635
Jimmy R. Sadler, Merced, CA 95341
Joe A. Sadler, Atwater, CA 95301
Ken R. Sadler, Los Banos, CA 93635
Kenneth R. Sadler, Los Banos, CA 93635
Laurie J. Sadler, Los Banos, CA 93635
Marjorie E. Sadler, Atwater, CA 95301
Rosalind Sadler, Planada, CA 95365
Sarah Sadler, Los Banos, CA 93635
Jeany L. Sadlier, Gustine, CA 95322
Kenneth A. Sadlier, Gustine, CA 95322
Richard J. Sadusky, Winton, CA 95388
Richard J. Sadusky, Merced, CA 95340
Chao Sae, Merced, CA 95341
Chao K. Sae, Merced, CA 95348
Chao N. Sae, Merced, CA 95341
Her Sae, Merced, CA 95340

Demographics in ZIP 95341

49.1% are female
50.9% are male

50.9% of residents in ZIP 95341 are male and 49.1% are female. 39.7% of residents are married and 10% are divorced. 46.3% have never been married. 4% are widowed. The average size of resident families is 4.09.

Races in ZIP 95341

68.9% report being Hispanic

38.8% of residents in ZIP 95341 report their race as White. 3.8% report their race as Black or African American. 11.9% report their race as Asian. 1.2% report their race as American Indian and Alaska Native. 0% report their race as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. 38% report their race as Some other race. 6.3% report their race as Two or more races. 68.9% report being Hispanic. Note: Hispanic is considered to be an ethnicity and not a race.

Education in ZIP 95341

39.5% have a Science and Engineering degree

39.5% of residents in ZIP 95341 have less than a high school education. 25.4% have a high school diploma but no more. 28.2% of residents have some college but no more. 5.7% have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) but no more. 1.2% have a graduate degree. 39.5% have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a Science and Engineering (or related) field.

Household Income in ZIP 95341

Median household income: 46760
44% have two income earners
17% of households earn $100,000+

Median household income in ZIP 95341 is $46760 with 44% of families having two income earners. 17% of households earn at least $100,000. 5% of households have an income under $5,000, 3.4% from $5,000-$10,000, 8.7% from $10,000-$15,000, 3.6% from $15,000-$20,000, 6% from $20,000-$25,000, 11.8% from $25,000-$35,000, 13.6% from $35,000-$50,000, 19.7% from $50,000-$75,000, 11% from $75,000-$100,000, 11.9% from $100,000-$150,000 and 5.1% over $150,000. The median income of individuals is $23305.

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