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Veda A. Bass

4100 O Hare Dr
(972) 226-4744

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About Veda

She is 76 years old and is married and has lived in this area for 11-15 Years and has no children living in their household. Veda's ethnicity is English. She either owns or rents the property in 4100 O Hare Dr, a single family home. It is estimated that Veda earns $50-74K per year.


Address Continue 4100 O Hare Dr
Mesquite, TX 75150


Phone (972) 226-4744
Social Media

Financial Situation

Estimated Income 50-74K


Dwelling Type SFDU
Homeowner Type Homeowner
Median Home Value $100-149K

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Veda live?

Veda lives at 4100 O Hare Dr in Mesquite, TX 75150.

What is Veda's phone number?

Veda A. Bass's phone number is (972) 226-4744.

What kind of home does Veda A. Bass live in?

She lives in a a single family home.

Does Veda own or rent their home?

Veda is a Homeowner.

What is the median home value in this area?

Median home value is $100-149K.

How many years of school has Veda A. Bass completed?

People in Veda A. Bass's area have completed 12 years years in school as a median.

What is Veda's ethnicity?

She is English.

What is Veda's gender?

Veda is Female.

How old is Veda A. Bass?

Veda is 76 years old. She is born on November 23, 1946.

What is Veda's marital status?

She is Married.

How much money does she earn?

Veda A. Bass's estimated income is $50-74K per year.

How long has she lived in this area?

Veda A. Bass has lived in this area for 11-15 Years.

Does she have children?

No, she has no children living in their household.

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Mayra Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75149
Nancy M. Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75150
Ofelia Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75181
Ofelia Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75149
Paul Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75150
Ruben A. Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75150
Sandra Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75149
Santos E. Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75150
Shauna Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75150
Silvia B. Cardenas, Mesquite, TX 75150
Diana L. Carder, Mesquite, TX 75150
Lynn Carder, Mesquite, TX 75150
Fernando M. Cardiel, Mesquite, TX 75150
Mary G. Cardinas, Mesquite, TX 75149
Angel Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75149
Armando Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75150
Cecilio Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75150
Elva P. Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75150
Jonathan Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75149
Juana Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75150
Maria Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75150
Marisol R. Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75150
Omar Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75149
Roman Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75149
Rosie V. Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75149
Zeferino Cardona, Mesquite, TX 75149
Eriberto Cardona Jr, Mesquite, TX 75181
Jaime Cardosa, Mesquite, TX 75181
Carlos Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75150
Enriqueta Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75150
Horacio M. Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75149
Javier Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75149
Jesus Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75150
Jose S. Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75150
Laura Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75149
Luz M. Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75181
Maria Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75149
Napoleon H. Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75181
Renato Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75181
Roberto Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75149
Vero Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75150
Veronica Cardoso, Mesquite, TX 75150

Same County

Owens Dishannon, Dallas, TX 75211
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Richard M. Dishman, Addison, TX 75001
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Emma Dishner, Dallas, TX 75205
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Mary E. Dishner, Dallas, TX 75224
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W H. Dishongh, Carrollton, TX 75006
Darrell W. Dishroon, Dallas, TX 75220
Glenda M. Dishroon, Garland, TX 75040
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Abdulhadi Y. Disi, Sachse, TX 75048
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Jerry D. Dismuke, Dallas, TX 75230
Johnette M. Dismuke, Dallas, TX 75243
Kammy A. Dismuke, Dallas, TX 75216
Kathy W. Dismuke, Mesquite, TX 75181
L Dismuke, Dallas, TX 75232
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Leatrice J. Dismuke, Lancaster, TX 75146
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Shasta Dismuke, Dallas, TX 75215
T Dismuke, Hutchins, TX 75141
T Dismuke, Dallas, TX 75217
Terry L. Dismuke, Dallas, TX 75227
Tori L. Dismuke, Garland, TX 75043
Troy Dismuke, Dallas, TX 75216
Tye H. Dismuke, Irving, TX 75060
Victoria Dismuke, Dallas, TX 75227
Herman Dismuke-jr, Desoto, TX 75115
Lee O. Dismuke-jr, Cedar Hill, TX 75104
Inge Dismuke-stovall, Garland, TX 75040
Curtis D. Dismukes, Coppell, TX 75019
Donna S. Dismukes, Desoto, TX 75115
Lee Dismukes, Desoto, TX 75115
Leigh A. Dismukes, Coppell, TX 75019
N B. Dismukes, Carrollton, TX 75006
Rayven Dismukes, Garland, TX 75042
Richard L. Dismukes, Desoto, TX 75115
Royce Dismukes, Dallas, TX 75254
Terri Dismukes, Dallas, TX 75202
Virginia S. Dismukes, Carrollton, TX 75006
Vergil Dismute, Dallas, TX 75356
Charles C. Disney, Dallas, TX 75214
David Disney, Dallas, TX 75209

Demographics in ZIP 75150

51.4% are female
48.6% are male

48.6% of residents in ZIP 75150 are male and 51.4% are female. 42.7% of residents are married and 15.7% are divorced. 36.2% have never been married. 5.4% are widowed. The average size of resident families is 3.53.

Races in ZIP 75150

47.6% report being Hispanic

52.3% of residents in ZIP 75150 report their race as White. 20.6% report their race as Black or African American. 3.6% report their race as Asian. 0.2% report their race as American Indian and Alaska Native. 0% report their race as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. 10.3% report their race as Some other race. 12.9% report their race as Two or more races. 47.6% report being Hispanic. Note: Hispanic is considered to be an ethnicity and not a race.

Education in ZIP 75150

35.4% have a Science and Engineering degree

19.6% of residents in ZIP 75150 have less than a high school education. 29.8% have a high school diploma but no more. 31.6% of residents have some college but no more. 13.6% have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) but no more. 5.5% have a graduate degree. 35.4% have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a Science and Engineering (or related) field.

Household Income in ZIP 75150

Median household income: 61423
52.9% have two income earners
21.8% of households earn $100,000+

Median household income in ZIP 75150 is $61423 with 52.9% of families having two income earners. 21.8% of households earn at least $100,000. 2.3% of households have an income under $5,000, 2.1% from $5,000-$10,000, 3.7% from $10,000-$15,000, 3.6% from $15,000-$20,000, 4.3% from $20,000-$25,000, 10.3% from $25,000-$35,000, 13.5% from $35,000-$50,000, 24.1% from $50,000-$75,000, 14.4% from $75,000-$100,000, 13.6% from $100,000-$150,000 and 8.2% over $150,000. The median income of individuals is $32440.

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