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Abdul Mahmood

14227 N 27th Pl

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About Abdul

He is 63 years old and is married and has lived in this area for 2 Years and has no children living in their household. He either owns or rents the property in 14227 N 27th Pl, a single family home. It is estimated that Abdul earns $75-99K per year.


Address Continue 14227 N 27th Pl
Phoenix, AZ 85032


Social Media

Financial Situation

Estimated Income 75-99K


Dwelling Type SFDU
Homeowner Type Homeowner
Median Home Value $350-499K

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Abdul live?

Abdul lives at 14227 N 27th Pl in Phoenix, AZ 85032.

What kind of home does Abdul Mahmood live in?

He lives in a a single family home.

Does Abdul own or rent their home?

Abdul is a Homeowner.

What is the median home value in this area?

Median home value is $350-499K.

How many years of school has Abdul Mahmood completed?

People in Abdul Mahmood's area have completed 13-15 years years in school as a median.

What is Abdul's gender?

Abdul is Male.

How old is Abdul Mahmood?

Abdul is 63 years old. He is born in 1960.

What is Abdul's marital status?

He is Married.

How much money does he earn?

Abdul Mahmood's estimated income is $75-99K per year.

How long has he lived in this area?

Abdul Mahmood has lived in this area for 2 Years.

Does he have children?

No, he has no children living in their household.

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Mary B. Josephson, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Michel Josephson, Phoenix, AZ 85043
Michel Josephson, Phoenix, AZ 85033
Michel Josephson, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Ross Josephson, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Suzette Josephson, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Rodriguez Joserolando, Phoenix, AZ 85037
Aaron W. Josey, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Edna R. Josey, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Family T. Josey, Phoenix, AZ 85017
Gary W. Josey, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Gregg Josey, Phoenix, AZ 85035
Gregg Josey, Phoenix, AZ 85015
Jeannette Josey, Phoenix, AZ 85041
Rhea E. Josey, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Rhea Josey, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Avey Josh, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Blohm Josh, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Daugard Josh, Phoenix, AZ 85024
Mccune Josh, Phoenix, AZ 85024
Richter Josh, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Tyra Josh, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Webster Josh, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Rebio Joshep, Phoenix, AZ 85009
Ami Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Bhargavi D. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85083
Deepa Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85008
Dipak K. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Dipen Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Drumil G. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85041
Hemant Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Himatlal Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Maya J. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Mehul D. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Navin M. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Nilesh P. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85083
Prabhashanker Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Prabhat Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Prajakta Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85083
Pranam P. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85013
Pranam Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85013
Rahul N. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Rasesh V. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85044
Rohit R. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Rosario B. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85041
Sapna Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Saritha Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Sunanda Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85050
Vadiraj Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Vandana R. Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Viranchi Joshi, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Deepa Joshi Saha, Phoenix, AZ 85008
Dhiren M. Joshipura, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Keta Joshipura, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Smita D. Joshipura, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Austin A. Joshlin, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Austin Joshlin, Phoenix, AZ 85066
Austin Joshlin, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Blancha Joshlin, Phoenix, AZ 85051
Ebonie M. Joshlin, Phoenix, AZ 85015
Harrisa L. Joshlin, Phoenix, AZ 85009
Shelbra Joshlin, Phoenix, AZ 85043
Josh Joshthompson, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Jarran R. Joshu, Phoenix, AZ 85044
Joseph A. Joshu, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Kathryn E. Joshu, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Kris Joshu, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Kris H. Joshu, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Tammy P. Joshu, Phoenix, AZ 85044

Same County

Jeremy Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Jerry W. Driver, Glendale, AZ 85302
Jessica L. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85011
Joann Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85013
Jody C. Driver, Peoria, AZ 85345
John C. Driver, Glendale, AZ 85302
John Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85013
Jon R. Driver, Glendale, AZ 85310
Judith Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Keith Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Kendra Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85048
Kimberly A. Driver, Glendale, AZ 85302
L Driver, Mesa, AZ 85209
Larry Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85083
Larry Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Laverne E. Driver, Tempe, AZ 85282
Lawrence L. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85083
Lori C. Driver, Glendale, AZ 85310
Marlene T. Driver, Anthem, AZ 85086
Mary S. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Mary J. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85013
Mary P. Driver, Mesa, AZ 85209
Mary J. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Mary Jean Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85021
Melissa M. Driver, Mesa, AZ 85208
Melissa Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Michael Driver, Peoria, AZ 85383
Nancy J. Driver, Glendale, AZ 85310
Nix Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85004
P Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85040
Patricia T. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85028
Patricia T. Driver, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Paul A. Driver, Glendale, AZ 85308
Paul D. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Paula Driver, Glendale, AZ 85302
Randa S. Driver, Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Rebecca A. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Richard Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Robin I. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85083
Roger Driver, Surprise, AZ 85374
Rosalynn Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Russell A. Driver, Glendale, AZ 85302
Ruth M. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Sara P. Driver, Mesa, AZ 85215
Shannon R. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Sharon Driver, Glendale, AZ 85308
Sherry L. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85033
Stan M. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85048
Sue Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85051
Tara L. Driver, Glendale, AZ 85302
Vicky V. Driver, Phoenix, AZ 85011
Viona D. Driver, Gilbert, AZ 85298
Warren Driver, Scottsdale, AZ 85259
William R. Driver, Mesa, AZ 85208
Zillah Driver, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Fred F. Driver Ii, Gilbert, AZ 85298
Erika D. Driver-dunckley, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Carmen E. Drivinghawk, Chandler, AZ 85286
Leo Drivinghawk, Chandler, AZ 85225
Leo Drivinghawk, Mesa, AZ 85202
Diosdado M. Driz, Mesa, AZ 85212
Maria V. Driz, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Rico Driz, Chandler, AZ 85286
Ronaldo A. Driz, Chandler, AZ 85286
Ronaldo Driz, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Ruel A. Driz, Chandler, AZ 85286
Ruelito Driz, Chandler, AZ 85286
Sandra K. Driz, Chandler, AZ 85286
Sandra A. Driz, Mesa, AZ 85212
Tony Driz, Mesa, AZ 85212
Connie S. Drizigacker, Mesa, AZ 85201
Lorraine G. Drizigacker, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Rob Drizigacker, Tempe, AZ 85282
Robert Drizigacker, Mesa, AZ 85204
Robert W. Drizigacker, Mesa, AZ 85201
Robert W. Drizigacker, Tempe, AZ 85282
James N. Drizos, Mesa, AZ 85207
Joan M. Drizos, Mesa, AZ 85207
Joan M. Drizos, Mesa, AZ 85207
Rosemary Drlik, Phoenix, AZ 85008
Daniel T. Drljaca, Phoenix, AZ 85083
David Drljaca, Peoria, AZ 85383
Sharon M. Drljaca, Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Milun R. Drljevich, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Milunka Drljevich, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Ivi S. Drlyo, Chandler, AZ 85225
Dawn Drminguev, Mesa, AZ 85205
Jonathan M. Drnjevic, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Ruth E. Drnjevic, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Daniel W. Dro, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Theresa H. Dro, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Marilyn W. Drob, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
Marilyn Drob, Chandler, AZ 85248
Breanne J. Drobac, Waddell, AZ 85355
Charles Drobac, Mesa, AZ 85202
Charles Drobac, Chandler, AZ 85224
Connie L. Drobac, Mesa, AZ 85202
Johnathan M. Drobac, Waddell, AZ 85355
Nedra M. Drobac, Mesa, AZ 85202
Kerrie M. Droban, Phoenix, AZ 85086
Sergei Droban, Phoenix, AZ 85086
Sergei Droban, Phoenix, AZ 85086
Sergei A. Droban, Cave Creek, AZ 85327
Sergej A. Droban, Phoenix, AZ 85086
Dimitri G. Drobatschewsky, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
Christine A. Drobecker, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Natalie Drobel, Mesa, AZ 85213
Robert R. Drobel, Mesa, AZ 85213
Dennis Drobina, Sun City West, AZ 85375
Ericina Drobina, Peoria, AZ 85381
Jean C. Drobina, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Jeann S. Drobina, Peoria, AZ 85381
Jeannie S. Drobina, Peoria, AZ 85382
Susan M. Drobinak, Chandler, AZ 85248
Christopher L. Drobish, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Diane L. Drobish, Phoenix, AZ 85022
John Drobish, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Patricia A. Drobish, Mesa, AZ 85209
Kimberley Drobneck, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Claude M. Drobnes, Scottsdale, AZ 85266
William E. Drobnes, Scottsdale, AZ 85266
Gloria Drobney, Phoenix, AZ 85050
John E. Drobnick, Chandler, AZ 85248
Josef C. Drobnik, Mesa, AZ 85207
Marsha L. Drobnik, Goodyear, AZ 85338
Ron F. Drobnik, Goodyear, AZ 85338
Stanko Drobnjak, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Doug J. Drobny, Phoenix, AZ 85050
Edward M. Drobny, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Lorraine A. Drobny, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Marie N. Drobny, Mesa, AZ 85210
Paul Drobny, Chandler, AZ 85248
Thomas G. Drobny, Mesa, AZ 85210
Jeanetta A. Drobot, Mesa, AZ 85209
Kathleen E. Drobot, Queen Creek, AZ 85242
Michael Drobot, Mesa, AZ 85207
Robert Drobot, Queen Creek, AZ 85242
William Drobot, Mesa, AZ 85209
Dzianis Drobysh, Glendale, AZ 85308
Gennadiy Drobysh, Glendale, AZ 85308
Eva A. Drocco, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Cheryl L. Drochak, Goodyear, AZ 85338
Michael S. Drochak, Goodyear, AZ 85338
Michael S. Drochak, Goodyear, AZ 85338
Michael S. Drochak, Peoria, AZ 85382
Dan Drociak, Goodyear, AZ 85338
Ambyre R. Droddy, Phoenix, AZ 85035
Ashley Droddy, Phoenix, AZ 85035
Betsy Droddy, Phoenix, AZ 85035
Candy L. Droddy, Phoenix, AZ 85035

Demographics in ZIP 85032

49.4% are female
50.6% are male

50.6% of residents in ZIP 85032 are male and 49.4% are female. 42.1% of residents are married and 18.7% are divorced. 34.5% have never been married. 4.7% are widowed. The average size of resident families is 3.02.

Races in ZIP 85032

28.8% report being Hispanic

73.4% of residents in ZIP 85032 report their race as White. 3.4% report their race as Black or African American. 4% report their race as Asian. 1.3% report their race as American Indian and Alaska Native. 0.3% report their race as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. 5.7% report their race as Some other race. 12% report their race as Two or more races. 28.8% report being Hispanic. Note: Hispanic is considered to be an ethnicity and not a race.

Education in ZIP 85032

39.1% have a Science and Engineering degree

10.9% of residents in ZIP 85032 have less than a high school education. 22.2% have a high school diploma but no more. 34.6% of residents have some college but no more. 19.8% have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) but no more. 12.6% have a graduate degree. 39.1% have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a Science and Engineering (or related) field.

Household Income in ZIP 85032

Median household income: 62805
55.8% have two income earners
29.6% of households earn $100,000+

Median household income in ZIP 85032 is $62805 with 55.8% of families having two income earners. 29.6% of households earn at least $100,000. 2.3% of households have an income under $5,000, 2.2% from $5,000-$10,000, 3.5% from $10,000-$15,000, 3.2% from $15,000-$20,000, 4.4% from $20,000-$25,000, 9.2% from $25,000-$35,000, 14.1% from $35,000-$50,000, 18.5% from $50,000-$75,000, 12.9% from $75,000-$100,000, 16.8% from $100,000-$150,000 and 12.8% over $150,000. The median income of individuals is $35895.

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