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Ady M. Arteaga

18924 Nw 57th Ave Apt 202

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About Ady

She is 49 years old and is married and has lived in this area for 4 Years and has no children living in their household. Ady's ethnicity is Hispanic. She either owns or rents the property in 18924 Nw 57th Ave Apt 202, part of a multi family dwelling unit with 10+ units. It is estimated that Ady earns $35-49K per year.


Address Continue 18924 Nw 57th Ave Apt 202
Hialeah, FL 33015


Social Media

Financial Situation

Estimated Income 35-49K


Dwelling Type MFDU 10+ Units
Homeowner Type Probable Renter

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Ady live?

Ady lives at 18924 Nw 57th Ave Apt 202 in Hialeah, FL 33015.

What kind of home does Ady M. Arteaga live in?

She lives in a part of a multi family dwelling unit with 10+ units.

Does Ady own or rent their home?

Ady is a Probable Renter.

How many years of school has Ady M. Arteaga completed?

People in Ady M. Arteaga's area have completed less than 12 years years in school as a median.

What is Ady's ethnicity?

She is Hispanic.

What is Ady's gender?

Ady is Female.

How old is Ady M. Arteaga?

Ady is 49 years old. She is born in 1974.

What is Ady's marital status?

She is Married.

How much money does she earn?

Ady M. Arteaga's estimated income is $35-49K per year.

How long has she lived in this area?

Ady M. Arteaga has lived in this area for 4 Years.

Does she have children?

No, she has no children living in their household.

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Leonel E. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33010
Leonel E. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33010
Leticia Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33016
Lidia E. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33012
Luis Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33012
Marcelo A. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33010
Maria R. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33015
Marilus Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33016
Marina G. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33014
Martha J. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33015
Merida Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33012
Migdalia Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33014
Miriam E. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33015
Nancy Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33013
Noemi Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33016
Octavio Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33012
Pablo Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33015
Pedro R. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33015
Pedro R. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33017
Raquel Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33016
Raquel M. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33015
Reynaldo A. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33013
Ricardo Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33016
Robert Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33018
Roberto Y. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33014
Rosa Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33015
Sara M. Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33012
Vanessa Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33016
Wosdenis Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33013
Yacdelaine Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33016
Yaima Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33015
Yvonne Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33012
Zoraya Cedeno, Hialeah, FL 33013
Luz Cediel, Hialeah, FL 33012
Cesar Cedillo, Hialeah, FL 33015
E Cedillo, Hialeah, FL 33015
Beatriz Cedre, Hialeah, FL 33012
Elsia P. Cedres, Hialeah, FL 33012
Cari Cedron, Hialeah, FL 33013
Fabiola Cedron, Hialeah, FL 33013
Miriam Cedron, Hialeah, FL 33012
Miguel Cedron-ron, Hialeah, FL 33010
Miguel L. Cedronron, Hialeah, FL 33011
Alagie Ceesay, Hialeah, FL 33014
Elizabeth Ceesay, Hialeah, FL 33014
Carbajales Ceferino, Hialeah, FL 33014
Cecilia Ceferino, Hialeah, FL 33012
Elsa Cegredo, Hialeah, FL 33018
Betty G. Ceijas, Hialeah, FL 33012
Betty Ceijas, Hialeah, FL 33015
Eduardo F. Ceijas, Hialeah, FL 33012
Edward Ceijas, Hialeah, FL 33012
Edward Ceijas, Hialeah, FL 33015
Hilda Ceijas, Hialeah, FL 33012
Elia Ceja, Hialeah, FL 33012
Ana F. Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33010
B E. Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33010
Blanca E. Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33010
Carmen Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33018
Carmen Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33013
Darling E. Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33016
Eusebio Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33016
Eusebio Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33014
Gloria M. Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33010
Jose M. Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33010
Miriam M. Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33015
Myrta Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33016
Nancy Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33010
Neysi Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33012
Paul Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33013
Pedro F. Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33016
Romelio Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33010
Wilfredo Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33016
Yesenia Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33010
Yolanda C. Cejas, Hialeah, FL 33012
Mile Cejas-bode, Hialeah, FL 33012
Carmen R. Cela, Hialeah, FL 33012
Jacinto E. Cela, Hialeah, FL 33012
Norys Cela, Hialeah, FL 33014
Jorge A. Celada, Hialeah, FL 33016
Judith Celada, Hialeah, FL 33016
Manuel Celado, Hialeah, FL 33012
Silvia C. Celado, Hialeah, FL 33012
Alejandro B. Celaya, Hialeah, FL 33014
Georgina R. Celdran, Hialeah, FL 33013
Rodolfo Celdran, Hialeah, FL 33010
Point C. Celebration, Hialeah, FL 33014
Francisco M. Celeir, Hialeah, FL 33010
Maria Celeiro, Hialeah, FL 33015
P Celeste, Hialeah, FL 33015
Mardele A. Celestin, Hialeah, FL 33014

Same County

Sheng Yang, Miami, FL 33186
Shi M. Yang, Homestead, FL 33033
Shiu-o Yang, Miami, FL 33178
Shu Y. Yang, Miami Springs, FL 33266
Shuangjie Yang, Miami, FL 33143
Shuhua Yang, South Miami, FL 33143
Shui Yang, Hialeah, FL 33014
Shui K. Yang, Hialeah, FL 33014
Steven A. Yang, Miami, FL 33132
Susan N. Yang, Miami, FL 33186
Suwen C. Yang, Doral, FL 33178
Theresa Yang, Miami, FL 33155
Tianxia Yang, Miami, FL 33186
Tim Yang, Miami, FL 33129
Wei Y. Yang, Miami, FL 33132
Wei Yang, Miami, FL 33157
Wei Yang, Miami, FL 33132
Wei C. Yang, Coral Gables, FL 33134
Wei R. Yang, Miami, FL 33176
Wen Yang, Miami, FL 33155
Won K. Yang, Miami, FL 33132
Wuyu Yang, Miami, FL 33125
Xianghong Yang, Miami, FL 33174
Xiaoke Yang, Miami, FL 33156
Xiaomei Yang, Miami, FL 33157
Xiu Yang, Miami, FL 33196
Xiusui Yang, Miami, FL 33196
Xudong Yang, Cutler Bay, FL 33190
Xue Z. Yang, Hialeah, FL 33016
Xue Z. Yang, Hialeah, FL 33018
Ya-wen Yang, Miami, FL 33155
Yawen Yang, Miami, FL 33155
Yi Z. Yang, Village Of Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Yong Yang, Hialeah, FL 33018
Yuan Yang, Miami, FL 33157
Yulong Yang, Miami, FL 33176
Yunhui Yang, Village Of Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Zhe Yang, Miami, FL 33176
Zhe Yang, Miami, FL 33174
Zhe Yang, Village Of Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Zong Q. Yang, Miami, FL 33176
Zonqui Yang, Miami, FL 33157
Zonqui Yang, Village Of Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Zonqui Yang, Miami, FL 33176
Yi Yang Zhou, Miami, FL 33157
Victoria Yangco, North Miami, FL 33161
Maria Yangco-gibson, North Miami, FL 33161
Nikki Yangdieo, Homestead, FL 33032
Garth Yango-gibson, North Miami, FL 33161
Mavic Yango-gibson, North Miami, FL 33161
Auden Yangua, Hialeah, FL 33015
Reberto Yangua, Hialeah, FL 33015
Alejandro Yanguas, Miami, FL 33126
Jose Yanguas, Miami, FL 33172
Orlando Yanguas, Miami, FL 33183
Martin Yanguela, Key Biscayne, FL 33149
Orlando Yangues, Miami, FL 33193
Oscar R. Yanho, Miami, FL 33180
Elio Yanias, Miami, FL 33126
Elio Yanias, Miami, FL 33144
Marisol Yanicelli, Miami, FL 33187
Asher T. Yanich, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Joseph I. Yanich, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Joseph I. Yanich, Miami, FL 33161
Lorraine Yanich, Miami, FL 33161
Lorraine Yanich, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Marie Yanick, North Miami, FL 33161
Jacqueline O. Yaniga, Miami, FL 33175
Richard F. Yaniga, Miami, FL 33175
Acosta Yanigoar, Hialeah, FL 33016
Blanco Yanilva, Coral Gables, FL 33134
S Yanina, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
Abreu Yanio, Homestead, FL 33035
Suany Yanira, Homestead, FL 33035
Caridad Yanire, Hialeah, FL 33012
Ariela Yanis, Homestead, FL 33033
Miriam Yanis, Miami, FL 33175
Ruth M. Yanis, Miami, FL 33133
Fatal Yaniv, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Ohad Yaniv, Miami, FL 33180
A Yaniz, Miami, FL 33174
Alfonso Yaniz, Miami, FL 33173
Alina M. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33173
Amado Yaniz, Miami, FL 33175
Amado Yaniz, Hialeah, FL 33018
Amalia Yaniz, Miami, FL 33126
Amey E. Yaniz, Hialeah, FL 33018
Amey Yaniz, Hialeah, FL 33012
Ana Yaniz, Miami, FL 33173
Ana G. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33155
Annette Yaniz, Miami, FL 33155
Charis Yaniz, Miami, FL 33187
Danielle T. Yaniz, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Denise C. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33168
Denise C. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33187
Denise C. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33256
Enrique Yaniz, Miami, FL 33126
Esperanza Yaniz, Miami, FL 33129
Esperanza Yaniz, Miami, FL 33134
Fabiola Yaniz, Miami, FL 33126
Felix A. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33135
Felix Yaniz, Miami, FL 33126
Henry J. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33129
Hiran Yaniz, Hialeah, FL 33015
Hiran Yaniz, Hialeah, FL 33015
Isbel Yaniz, Miami, FL 33144
Jennifer Yaniz, Miami, FL 33186
Jorge Yaniz, Miami, FL 33296
Jorge Yaniz, Miami, FL 33186
Jose R. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33173
Juana Yaniz, Miami, FL 33133
Laura Yaniz, Miami, FL 33145
Laura E. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33186
Lizette Yaniz, Miami, FL 33155
Magarita Yaniz, Miami, FL 33155
Maggie R. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33174
Maragarita V. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33174
Margarita Yaniz, Miami, FL 33174
Margy Yaniz, Miami, FL 33176
Mercedes Yaniz, Miami, FL 33177
Mercedes Yaniz, Miami, FL 33187
Michele A. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33183
Michelle P. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33183
Mikael A. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33186
Miriam S. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33175
Miriam Yaniz, Miami, FL 33175
Niurka Yaniz, Miami, FL 33172
Niurka Yaniz, Miami, FL 33196
P Yaniz, Miami, FL 33157
Pedro Yaniz, Miami, FL 33133
Rafael Yaniz, Miami, FL 33144
Ricardo Yaniz, Miami, FL 33187
Ricky Yaniz, Miami, FL 33187
Robert Yaniz, Miami, FL 33176
Shelley L. Yaniz, Miami, FL 33173
Shelley Yaniz, Miami, FL 33174
Ulises Yaniz, Hialeah, FL 33018
Chico Yanizta, Miami, FL 33127
Annette E. Yankana, Miami, FL 33156
Chris Yankana, North Miami Beach, FL 33160
Chris Yankana, Miami, FL 33156
Mayra Yankanwich, Miami, FL 33150
Amanda Yankauer, Miami, FL 33162
Igor Yanke, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Katie J. Yanke, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Margaret J. Yanke, Miami, FL 33180
William H. Yanke, Miami, FL 33180
Jose D. Yankelevitch, North Miami Beach, FL 33160
Mireille Yankelevitch, North Miami Beach, FL 33160
Simon P. Yankelvitch, Aventura, FL 33180

Demographics in ZIP 33015

52.6% are female
47.4% are male

47.4% of residents in ZIP 33015 are male and 52.6% are female. 42.8% of residents are married and 18.5% are divorced. 33.5% have never been married. 5.2% are widowed. The average size of resident families is 3.33.

Races in ZIP 33015

85.4% report being Hispanic

57.5% of residents in ZIP 33015 report their race as White. 7.5% report their race as Black or African American. 0.6% report their race as Asian. 0.1% report their race as American Indian and Alaska Native. 0% report their race as Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. 10.3% report their race as Some other race. 23.9% report their race as Two or more races. 85.4% report being Hispanic. Note: Hispanic is considered to be an ethnicity and not a race.

Education in ZIP 33015

45.6% have a Science and Engineering degree

14% of residents in ZIP 33015 have less than a high school education. 27.8% have a high school diploma but no more. 30.4% of residents have some college but no more. 19.1% have a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) but no more. 8.8% have a graduate degree. 45.6% have a Bachelor's degree or higher in a Science and Engineering (or related) field.

Household Income in ZIP 33015

Median household income: 61784
61.3% have two income earners
25% of households earn $100,000+

Median household income in ZIP 33015 is $61784 with 61.3% of families having two income earners. 25% of households earn at least $100,000. 4% of households have an income under $5,000, 3.4% from $5,000-$10,000, 3.3% from $10,000-$15,000, 2.7% from $15,000-$20,000, 4.1% from $20,000-$25,000, 10.8% from $25,000-$35,000, 10.4% from $35,000-$50,000, 23.2% from $50,000-$75,000, 13.2% from $75,000-$100,000, 14.2% from $100,000-$150,000 and 10.8% over $150,000. The median income of individuals is $27931.

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